ETLA Working Papers, The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (ETLA)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Top 3: Pension Systems in Denmark, Finland, and the NetherlandsHougaard Jensen, Svend E.; Lassila, Jukka; Määttänen, Niku; Valkonen, Tarmo; Westerhout, Ed
2019 The Influence of Old-age Retirement on Health: Causal Evidence from the Finnish Register DataKuusi, Tero; Martikainen, Pekka; Valkonen, Tarmo
2019 The Costs of Job Loss and Task UsageKauhanen, Antti; Riukula, Krista
2019 Emerging Trade Battlefield with China: Export Competition and Firm’s Coping StrategiesNilsson Hakkala, Katariina; Pan, Yao
2019 Artificial Intelligence Applications & Venture Funding in HealthcareHalminen, Olli; Tenhunen, Henni; Heliste, Antti; Seppälä, Timo
2018 The Effects of an Education-Leave Program on Educational Attainment and Labor-Market OutcomesKauhanen, Antti
2018 Ctrip: China’s Online Travel Platform – Local Giant or Global Competitor?Shao, Tianyi; Kenney, Martin
2018 Aggregate Risks, Intergenerational Risk-Sharing and Fiscal Sustainability in the Finnish Earnings-Related Pension SystemLassila, Jukka
2018 Investor Attention and Technology Salience: Does Personal Data Related Innovation Boost Firm Value?Koski, Heli; Luukkonen, Juha
2018 Nowcasting the Unemployment Rate in the EU with Seasonal BVAR and Google Search DataAnttonen, Jetro
2018 Parental Job Loss and Application Decisions in Finnish Post-Secondary EducationLaukkonen, Marja-Lisa
2018 Missing Growth in FinlandAnttila, Juho
2018 How Do Competition Policy and Data Brokers Shape Product Market Competition?Koski, Heli
2017 The (Unfulfilled) Potential of Data MarketplacesKoutroumpis, Pantelis; Leiponen, Aija; Thomas, Llewellyn D. W.
2017 Small and Medium Firms, Aggregate Productivity and the Role of DependenciesFornaro, Paolo; Luomaranta, Henri
2017 Export Product Range and Economic Performance – An Emphasis on Small Advanced EU CountriesKaitila, Ville
2017 Digital Music Industry – Background SynthesisSellin, Derek; Seppälä, Timo
2017 The Young, the Old and the Innovative: The Impact of R&D on Firm Performance in ICT versus Other SectorsKoutroumpis, Pantelis; Leiponen, Aija; Thomas, Llewellyn D. W.
2017 Informal vs. Formal Care in Finland: Monetary Incentives and Fiscal ImplicationsMäättänen, Niku; Salminen, Tomi
2017 Invention Machines: How Control Instruments and Information Technologies Drove Global Technologigal Progress over a Century of InventionKoutroumpis, Pantelis; Leiponen, Aija; Thomas, Llewellyn D. W.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 87