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2019 The impact of public R&D support on firms' patentingBye, Brita; Klemetsen, Marit; Raknerud, Arvid
2019 Evaluating multilateral price indices in a dynamic item universeZhang, Li-Chun; Johansen, Ingvild; Nygaard, Ragnhild
2019 Gambling with the family silver: Household consumption and saving responses to fiscal uncertaintyBerg, Oddmund
2019 Imperfect competition, compensating differentials and rent sharing in the U.S. labor marketLamadon, Thibaut; Mogstad, Magne; Setzler, Bradley
2019 Impacts of hospital wait time on patient health and labor supplyGodøy, Anna; Haaland, Venke Furre; Huitfeldt, Ingrid; Votruba, Mark
2019 Improving educational pathways to social mobility: Evidence from Norway's "Reform 94"Bertrand, Marianne; Mogstad, Magne; Mountjoy, Jack
2019 First union formation among the children of immigrants in Norway: Timing and choice of union typeWiik, Kenneth Aarskaug
2019 Trade-offs between carbon sequestration, landscape aesthetics and biodiversity in a cost-benefit analysis of land use options in NorwayIversen, Endre Kildal; Grimsrud, Kristine M.; Lindhjem, Henrik; Bredahl Jacobsen, Jette
2019 Smart hedging against carbon leakageBöhringer, Christoph; Rosendahl, Knut Einar; Storrøsten, Halvor Briseid
2019 What causes the child penalty? Evidence from same sex couples and policy reformsAndresen, Martin Eckhoff; Nix, Emily
2019 Labour market institutions, shocks and the employment rateHaraldsen, Kristine Wika; Nymoen, Ragnar; Sparrman, Victoria
2019 Heterogeneity and persistence in returns to wealthFagereng, Andreas; Guiso, Luigi; Malacrino, Davide; Pistaferri, Luigi
2019 Effects of extended paternity leave on union stability and fertilityHart, Rannveig K.; Andersen, Synøve N.; Drange, Nina
2019 Challenges in predicting poverty trends using survey to survey imputation: Experiences from MalawiMathiassen, Astrid; Wold, Bjørn K.
2019 Linking neighbors' fertility: Third births in Norwegian neighborhoodsBergsvik, Janna
2019 Public acceptance and willingness to pay cost-effective taxes on red meat and road traffic in NorwayGrimsrud, Kristine M.; Lindhjem, Henrik; Sem, Ingvild Vestre; Rosendahl, Knut Einar
2019 For whom are cities good places to live?Carlsen, Fredrik; Leknes, Stefan
2019 The costs of taxation in the presence of inequalityValseth, Åsmund Sunde; Holtsmark, Bjart; Holtsmark, Katinka
2019 Spillover bias in multigenerational income regressionsModalsli, Jørgen Heibø; Vosters, Kelly
2019 Buy to let: Investment buyers in a housing search modelBø, Erlend Eide
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 917