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2019 Effects of higher required rates of return on the tax take in an oil provinceLindholt, Lars
2019 Is the marginal cost of public funds equal to one?Holtsmark, Bjart
2018 Structural Labour Supply Models and MicrosimulationAaberge, Rolf; Colombino, Ugo
2018 Parenthood and couples’ relative earnings in Norway 2005-2014Bergsvik, Janna; Wiik, Kenneth Aarskaug; Kitterød, Ragni Hege
2018 Encompassing tests for evaluating multi-step system forecasts invariant to linear transformationsHungnes, Håvard
2018 From Classes to Copulas: Wages, capital, and top incomesAaberge, Rolf; Atkinson, Anthony B.; Königs, Sebastian
2018 The marginal cost of public funds in large welfare state countriesBjertnæs, Geir H. M.
2018 Who benefited from industrialization? The local effects of hydropower technology adoptionLeknes, Stefan; Modalsli, Jørgen
2018 Transitions from first unions among immigrants and their descendants. The role of partner choiceHolland, Jennifer A.; Wiik, Kenneth Aarskaug; Dommermuth, Lars
2018 Public R&D Support and Firms’ Performance. A Panel Data StudyRaknerud, Arvid; Iancu, Diana-Cristina; Nilsen, Øivind A.
2018 Universal child care and inequality of opportunity. Descriptive findings from NorwayDrange, Nina; Telle, Kjetil
2018 Productivity growth, firm turnover and new varietiesvon Brasch, Thomas; Iancu, Diana-Cristina; Raknerud, Arvid
2018 Mortality shifts and mortality compression. The case of Norway, 1900-2060Keilman, Nico; Pham, Dinh Q.; Syse, Astri
2018 On the effects of linking voluntary cap-and-trade systems for CO2 emissionsWeitzman, Martin L.; Holtsmark, Bjart
2018 Child care, parental labor supply and tax revenueAndresen, Martin Eckhoff; Havnes, Tarjei
2018 Local governments, in-kind transfers, and economic inequalityMogstad, Magne; Aaberge, Rolf; Eika, Lasse; Langørgen, Audun
2018 Social networks and tax avoidance. Evidence from a well-defined Norwegian tax shelterAlstadsæter, Annette; Kopczuk, Wojciech; Telle, Kjetil
2018 An up-to-date joint labor supply and child care choice modelThoresen, Thor O.; Vattø, Trine E.
2018 Collusive tax evasion by employers and employees. Evidence from a randomized fi eld experiment in NorwayBjørneby, Marie; Alstadsæter, Annette; Telle, Kjetil
2018 Regional variation in healthcare utilization and mortalityGodøy, Anna; Huitfeldt, Ingrid
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 890