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2021Belt and Road (B&R) initiative and its impact on financial research: Introduction to the issueDong, Yan
2021Cryptocurrencies, gold, and WTI crude oil market efficiency: A dynamic analysis based on the adaptive market hypothesisMirzaee Ghazani, Majid; Jafari, Mohammad Ali
2021Fintech investments in European banks: A hybrid IT2 fuzzy multidimensional decision-making approachKou, Gang; Akdeniz, Özlem Olgu; Dinçer, Hasan; Yüksel, Serhat
2021Do the RMB exchange rate and global commodity prices have asymmetric or symmetric effects on China's stock prices?Long, Shaobo; Zhang, Mengxue; Li, Keaobo; Wu, Shuyu
2021COVID-19 pandemic and the crude oil market risk: Hedging options with non-energy financial innovationsSalisu, Afees A.; Obiora, Kingsley
2021Fintech platforms: Lax or careful borrowers' screening?Gallo, Serena
2021Financial development during COVID-19 pandemic: The role of coronavirus testing and functional labsAnser, Muhammad Khalid; Khan, Muhammad Azhar; Zaman, Khalid; Nassani, Abdelmohsen A.; Askar, Sameh E.; Qazi Muhammad Moinuddin Abro; Kabbani, Ahmad
2021A note on calculating expected shortfall for discrete time stochastic volatility modelsGrabchak, Michael; Christou, Eliana
2021A Markov regenerative process with recurrence time and its applicationPasricha, Puneet; Selvamuthu, Dharmaraja
2021Analysing the behavioural finance impact of "fake news" phenomena on financial markets: A representative agent model and empirical validationFong, Bryan
2021A predictive indicator using lender composition for loan evaluation in P2P lendingGuo, Yanhong; Jiang, Shuai; Zhou, Wenjun; Luo, Chunyu; Xiong, Hui
2021Does access to credit reduce SMEs' tax avoidance? Evidence from a regression discontinuity designKong, Xiaowei; Si, Deng-Kui; Li, Haiyang; Kong, Dongmin
2021Linearity extensions of the market model: A case of the top 10 cryptocurrency prices during the pre-COVID-19 and COVID-19 periodsNeslihanoglu, Serdar
2021A hybrid heterogeneous Pythagorean fuzzy group decision modelling for crowdfunding development process pathways of fintech-based clean energy investment projectsMeng, Yue; Wu, Haoyue; Zhao, Wenjing; Chen, Wenkuan; Dinçer, Hasan; Yüksel, Serhat
2021A high-dimensionality-trait-driven learning paradigm for high dimensional credit classificationYu, Lean; Yu, Lihang; Yu, Kaitao
2021Detecting conflicts of interest in credit rating changes: A distribution dynamics approachLee, Wai Choi; Shen, Jianfu; Cheong, Tsun Se; Wojewodzki, Michal
2021Recent innovation in benchmark rates (BMR): Evidence from influential factors on Turkish Lira Overnight Reference Interest Rate with machine learning algorithmsDepren, Özer; Kartal, Mustafa Tevfik; Depren, Serpil Kılıç
2021Preventing crash in stock market: The role of economic policy uncertainty during COVID-19Dai, Peng-Fei; Xiong, Xiong; Liu, Zhifeng; Toan Luu Duc Huynh; Sun, Jianjun
2021To supervise or to self-supervise: A machine learning based comparison on credit supervisionAntunes, José Américo Pereira
2021Forecasting and trading cryptocurrencies with machine learning under changing market conditionsSebastião, Helder; Godinho, Pedro
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 255