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2022 How Young Mothers Rely on Kin Networks and Formal Childcare to Avoid Becoming NEET in the NetherlandsDicks, Alexander; Levels, Mark; van der Velden, Rolf; Mills, Melinda C.
2022 [Rezension] Bohnen, Wolfgang/Haase, Lena (Hrsg.): Kontrolle, Konflikt und Kooperation. Festschrift 200 Jahre Staatsanwaltschaften Koblenz und Trier (1820–2020), Beck, München 2020Gosewinkel, Dieter
2022 Können intensive Beratungsprogramme soziale Ungleichheit beim Übergang in die Hochschule reduzieren? Ergebnisse eines FeldexperimentsErdmann, Melinda; Pietrzyk, Irena; Helbig, Marcel; Jacob, Marita; Stuth, Stefan
2022 Party System Change in Eastern and Western Germany Between Convergence and DissimilarityWagner, Aiko
2022 Who runs the show in digitalized manufacturing? Data, digital platforms and the restructuring of global value chainsButollo, Florian; Schneidemesser, Lea
2022 [Book Review] Euphoria and Despair - Stefan Svallfors, The Inner World of Research. On Academic Labor (London, Anthem Press, 2020)Hutter, Michael
2022 Insult, Charisma, and Legitimacy: Turkey's Transition to Personalist RuleÖver, Defne; Tuncer-Ebetürk, Irem
2022 Centrality and power. The struggle over the techno‐political configuration of the Internet and the global digital orderPohle, Julia; Voelsen, Daniel
2022 The Self-Proclaimed Defender of Freedom: The AfD and the PandemicLehmann, Pola; Zehnter, Lisa
2022 Klaus von Beyme and his impact on German political science: An essayMerkel, Wolfgang
2022 Family demographic processes and in-work poverty: A systematic reviewPolizzi, Antonino; Struffolino, Emanuela; Van Winkle, Zachary
2022 Ethno-religious neighbourhood infrastructures and the life satisfaction of immigrants and their descendants in GermanyWiedner, Jonas; Schaeffer, Merlin; Carol, Sarah
2022 Extending the framework of algorithmic regulation. The Uber caseEyert, Florian; Irgmaier, Florian; Ulbricht, Lena
2022 Trust spillovers in the sharing economy: Does international Airbnb experience foster cross‐national trust?Kas, Judith; Delnoij, Joyce; Corten, Rense; Parigi, Paolo
2022 What Drives Regional Disparities in Educational Expansion: School Reform, Modernization, or Social Structure?Helbig, Marcel; Sendzik, Norbert
2022 Exploring Engagement With EU News on Facebook: The Influence of Content CharacteristicsHeidenreich, Tobias; Eisele, Olga; Watanabe, Kohei; Boomgaarden, Hajo G.
2022 Advocacy Coalition Constellations and Norm Collisions: Insights from International Drug Control, Human Trafficking, and Child LabourHolzscheiter, Anna; Gholiagha, Sassan; Liese, Andrea
2022 The “Big Two” in Hiring Discrimination: Evidence From a Cross-National Field ExperimentVeit, Susanne; Arnu, Hannah; Stasio, Valentina Di; Yemane, Ruta; Coenders, Marcel
2022 Politicising immigration in times of crisisHutter, Swen; Kriesi, Hanspeter
2022 Immigrant Men’s Economic Adaptation in Changing Labor Markets: Why Gaps between Turkish and German Men Expanded, 1976–2015Wiedner, Jonas; Giesecke, Johannes
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 887