Zeitschriftenaufsätze von WZB-Forschenden / Articles by WZB researchers

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Note: Older peer-reviewed articles by WZB researchers (up to 2010) can be found on EconStor in the WZB collection "WZB OA 1000+: Articles and Chapters / Aufsätze aus Zeitschriften, Büchern und sonstigen Publikationen".

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2021 Explanations of Institutional Change: Reflecting on a “Missing Diagonal”Gerschewski, Johannes
2021 Erosion or decay? Conceptualizing causes and mechanisms of democratic regressionGerschewski, Johannes
2021 Strangers in Hostile Lands: Exposure to Refugees and Right-Wing Support in Germany’s Eastern RegionsSchaub, Max; Gereke, Johanna; Baldassarri, Delia
2021 Claiming the right to rule: regime legitimation strategies from 1900 to 2019Tannenberg, Marcus; Bernhard, Michael; Gerschewski, Johannes; Lührmann, Anna; von Soest, Christian
2021 Becoming part of the gang? Established and nonestablished populist parties and the role of external efficacyKrause, Werner; Wagner, Aiko
2021 Schule während der Corona-Pandemie. Neue Ergebnisse und Überblick über ein dynamisches Forschungsfeld [Editorial]Fickermann, Detlef; Edelstein, Benjamin
2021 Does Fixed-Term Employment Have Spillover Effects on the Well-Being of Partners? A Panel Data Analysis for East and West GermanyScheuring, Sonja; Voßemer, Jonas; Baranowska-Rataj, Anna; Tattarini, Giulia
2021 Schule und Corona. Ein Überblick über Forschungsaktivitäten an Hand von ProjektsteckbriefenFickermann, Detlef; Edelstein, Benjamin
2021 All-pay competition with captive consumersFoucart, Renaud; Friedrichsen, Jana
2021 Falling living standards during the COVID-19 crisis: Quantitative evidence from nine developing countriesEgger, Dennis; Miguel, Edward; Warren, Shana S.; Shenoy, Ashish; Collins, Elliott; Karlan, Dean; Parkerson, Doug; Mobarak, A. Mushfiq; Fink, Günther; Udry, Christopher; Walker, Michael; Haushofer, Johannes; Larreboure, Magdalena; Athey, Susan; Lopez-Pena, Paula; Benhachmi, Salim; Humphreys, Macartan; Lowe, Layna; Meriggi, Niccoló F.; Wabwire, Andrew; Davis, C. Austin; Pape, Utz Johann; Graff, Tilman; Voors, Maarten; Nekesa, Carolyn; Vernot, Corey
2021 Trying Just Enough or Promising Too Much? The Problem-Capacity-Nexus in Tunisia’s Transitional Justice ProcessSalehi, Mariam
2021 Digitalizing Community Health Work: A Struggle over the Values of Global Health PolicyHanrieder, Tine; Montt Maray, Eloisa
2021 The Long Arm of an Unsupportive Work-Family Culture in Work Organizations: Crossover to the Partner’s Work-Family Balance Satisfaction in Dual-Earner CouplesBernhardt, Janine; Bünning, Mareike
2021 Intergenerational Transmission of Educational Attainment: How Important Are Children’s Personality Characteristics?Holtmann, Anne Christine; Menze, Laura; Solga, Heike
2021 Advocacy Coalition Constellations and Norm Collisions: Insights from International Drug Control, Human Trafficking, and Child LabourHolzscheiter, Anna; Gholiagha, Sassan; Liese, Andrea
2021 Steady steps versus sudden shifts: Cooperation in (a)symmetric linear and step-level social dilemmasKas, Judith; Hardisty, David J.; Handgraaf, Michel J. J.
2021 Die Schulaufsicht als vernachlässigte Akteurin der Schulreform. Eine SammelbesprechungSendzik, Norbert
2021 Parenthood as a driver of increased gender inequality during COVID-19? Exploratory evidence from GermanyHipp, Lena; Bünning, Mareike
2021 Exercising associational and networked power through the use of digital technology by workers in global value chainsHelmerich, Nicole; Raj-Reichert, Gale; Zajak, Sabrina
2021 Multilevel Analysis with Few Clusters: Improving Likelihood-based Methods to Provide Unbiased Estimates and Accurate InferenceElff, Martin; Heisig, Jan Paul; Schaeffer, Merlin; Shikano, Susumu
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 689