Zeitschriftenaufsätze von WZB-Forschenden / Articles by WZB researchers

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Note: Older peer-reviewed articles by WZB researchers (up to 2010) can be found on EconStor in the WZB collection "WZB OA 1000+: Articles and Chapters / Aufsätze aus Zeitschriften, Büchern und sonstigen Publikationen".

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 To accept or not to accept: Level of moral concern impacts on tolerance of Muslim minority practicesHirsch, Magdalena; Verkuyten, Maykel; Yogeeswaran, Kumar
2019 Equal Performance of Minority and Majority Coalitions? Pledge Fulfilment in the German State of NRWMatthieß, Theres
2019 EU politicization and policy initiatives of the European Commission: the case of consumer policyRauh, Christian
2018 Are political representatives more risk-loving than the electorate? Evidence from German federal and state parliamentsHeß, Moritz; Scheve, Christian von; Schupp, Jürgen; Wagner, Aiko; Wagner, Gert G.
2018 Generations and Protest in Eastern Germany: Between Revolution and ApathyJoly, Philippe
2018 ‘Pay for It Heavily’: Does U.S. Support for Israel Lead to Anti-American Terrorism?Meierrieks, Daniel; Gries, Thomas
2018 Digitalisierung: Gefahr für die Demokratie? Ein EssayThiel, Thorsten
2018 Differential responses in first birth behaviour to economic recession in the United KingdomLyons-Amos, Mark; Schoon, Ingrid
2018 Automatisierungsdividende und gesellschaftliche TeilhabeButollo, Florian
2018 The Internet as a global good: UNESCO’s attempt to negotiate an international framework for universal access to cyberspacePohle, Julia
2018 Validating a sentiment dictionary for German political language—a workbench noteRauh, Christian
2018 Why Teachers Assign Socially Unequal Marks. A Case for Establishing Tertiary Origin Effects in the Model of Primary and Secondary Effects of Educational ResearchHelbig, Marcel; Morar, Tatiana
2018 Pathways to death: The co-occurrence of physical and mental health in the last years of lifeRaab, Marcel; Fasang, Anette Eva; Hess, Moritz
2018 Legitimacy Deficits of International Organizations: design, drift, and decoupling at the UN Security CouncilStephen, Matthew D.
2018 Meaningful work and artistic interventions in organizations: Conceptual development and empirical explorationBerthoin Antal, Ariane; Debucquet, Gervaise; Frémeaux, Sandrine
2018 Employment Outcomes of Ethnic Minorities in Spain: Towards Increasing Economic Incorporation among Immigrants and the Second Generation?Fernández-Reino, Mariña; Radl, Jonas; Ramos, María
2018 Individual and household in-work poverty in Europe: understanding the role of labor market characteristicsFilandri, Marianna; Struffolino, Emanuela
2018 Why Choice Matters: Revisiting and Comparing Measures of DemocracyGiebler, Heiko; Ruth, Saskia P.; Tanneberg, Dag
2018 Smash the Paywalls: Workflows und Werkzeuge für den grünen Weg des Open AccessBlasetti, Alessandro; Golda, Sandra; Göhring, Dominic; Grimm, Steffi; Kroll, Nadin; Sievers, Denise; Voigt, Michaela
2018 Saving the dangerous idea: austerity think tank networks in the European UnionPlehwe, Dieter; Neujeffski, Moritz; Krämer, Werner
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 209