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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2022 Employment and wage effects of extending collective bargaining agreementsVillanueva, Ernesto; Adamopoulou, Effrosyni
2022 Informal employment in emerging and transition economiesSlonimczyk, Fabián
2022 How to attract international students?Chevalier, Arnaud
2022 Does employee ownership improve performance?Kruse, Douglas L.
2022 The transformations of the French labor market, 2000–2021Askenazy, Philippe
2022 Gross domestic product: Are other measures needed?Fraumeni, Barbara M.
2022 Can cash transfers reduce child labor?Rosati, Furio C.
2022 Economic effects of natural disastersDeryugina, Tatyana
2022 Determinants of inequality in transition countriesBrzezinski, Michal; Salach, Katarzyna
2022 Is the post-communist transition over?Douarin, Elodie; Mickiewicz, Tomasz
2022 Presenteeism at the workplaceSchnabel, Claus
2022 Measuring poverty within the householdBrown, Caitlin; Penglase, Jacob; Calvi, Rossella; Tommasi, Denni
2022 Women's labor force participationWinkler, Anne E.
2022 Ethnic enclaves and immigrant economic integrationSchüller, Simone; Chakraborty, Tanika
2022 Performance-related pay and productivityLucifora, Claudio; Origo, Federica
2022 Does emigration increase the wages of non-emigrants in sending countriesElsner, Benjamin
2022 The quantity–quality fertility–education trade-offLiu, Haoming; Li, Li
2022 Should unemployment insurance cover partial unemployment?Spector, Susanne Ek
2022 Is there an optimal school starting age?Dhuey, Elizabeth; Koebel, Kourtney
2022 Refugee children's earnings in adulthoodYoshida, Yoko; Amoyaw, Jonathan; McLay, Rachel
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 610