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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2023Alternative dispute resolutionDickinson, David L.
2023Female poverty and intrahousehold inequality in transition economiesPiccoli, Luca
2023The widespread impacts of remittance flowsAmuedo Dorantes, Catalina; Pozo, Susan
2023Does it pay to be beautiful?Sierminska, Eva; Singhal, Karan
2023Does government spending crowd out voluntary labor and donations?Bredtmann, Julia; Martínez Flores, Fernanda
2023Female education and its impact on fertilityKim, Jungho
2023Hours vs employment in response to demand shocksHart, Robert A.
2023Eliminating discrimination in hiring isn't enoughAlston, Mackenzie
2023Fertility postponement and labor market outcomesBratti, Massimiliano
2023Maternity leave versus early childcare – What are the long-term consequences for children?Gupta, Nabanita Datta; Jessen, Jonas
2023How digital payments can benefit entrepreneursKlapper, Leora
2023Evaluating apprenticeship training programs for firmsMühlemann, Samuel; Pfeifer, Harald
2023Air pollution and worker productivityNeidell, Matthew; Pestel, Nico
2023Performance measures and worker productivitySauermann, Jan
2023The labor market in Poland, 2000-2021Lewandowski, Piotr; Magda, Iga
2023The Danish labor market, 2000-2022Andersen, Torben M.
2023Unions and investment in intangible capitalCardullo, Gabriele; Sulis, Giovanni
2023Temperature, productivity, and incomeDeschênes, Olivier
2023Should countries auction immigrant visas?Zavodny, Madeline
2023Covid-19 and the youth-to-adult unemployment gapPastore, Francesco
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 649