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DateTitle Authors
2012 Trilemma policy convergence patterns and output volatilityAizenman, Joshua / Ito, Hiro
2012 Central banks and gold puzzlesAizenman, Joshua / Inoue, Kenta
2012 Cycles and instability in a Rock-Paper-Scissors population game: A continuous time experimentCason, Timothy N. / Friedman, Daniel / Hopkins, Ed
2012 Trade dynamics in the East Asian miracle: A time series analysis of U.S.-East Asia commodity trade, 1962 - 1992Carolan, Terrie / Mora, Jesse / Singh, Nirvikar
2012 From imitation to collusion: Long-run learning in a low-information environmentFriedman, Daniel / Huck, Steffen / Oprea, Ryan / Weidenholzer, Simon
2012 Trade productivity upgrading, trade fragmentation, and FDI in manufacturing: The Asian development experienceMora, Jesse / Singh, Nirvikar
2012 Income inequality, tax base and sovereign spreadsAizenman, Joshua / Jinjarak, Yothin
2012 The euro and the global crises: Finding the balance between short term stabilization and forward looking reformsAizenman, Joshua
2011 The marginal utility of money: A modern Marshallian approach to consumer choiceFriedman, Daniel / Sákovics, József
2011 High-technology entrepreneurship in Silicon ValleyFairlie, Robert W. / Chatterji, Aaron K.
2011 Capital flows: Catalyst or hindrance to economic takeoffs?Aizenman, Joshua / Sushko, Vladyslav
2011 Renminbi going globalChen, Xiaoli / Cheung, Yin-Wong
2011 The impossible trinity - from the policy trilemma to the policy quadrilemmaAizenman, Joshua
2011 Risky curves: From unobservable utility to observable opportunity setsFriedman, Daniel / Sunder, Shyam
2011 The fiscal stimulus of 2009-10: Trade openness, fiscal space and exchange rate adjustmentAizenman, Joshua / Jinjarak, Yothin
2011 Net fiscal stimulus during the great recessionAizenman, Joshua / Pasricha, Gurnain Kaur
2011 Managing financial integration and capital mobility: Policy lessons from the past two decadesAizenman, Joshua / Pinto, Brian
2011 Entrepreneurship, economic conditions, and the great recessionFairlie, Robert W.
2011 Income inequality, tax base and sovereign spreadsAizenman, Joshua / Jinjarak, Yothin
2011 Surfing the waves of globalization: Asia and financial globalization in the context of the trilemmaAizenman, Joshua / Chinn, Menzie D. / Ito, Hiro
2011 The net fiscal expenditure stimulus in the U.S., 2008-9: Less than what you might think, and less than the fiscal stimuli of most OECD countriesAizenman, Joshua / Pasricha, Gurnain Kaur
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