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DateTitle Authors
2014 Information technology and its role in India's economic development: A reviewSingh, Nirvikar
2013 Financial integration in East Asia: Past, present and possible futuresKaur, Inderjit N. / Singh, Nirvikar
2013 The cost of benefits, financial conditions, and employment dynamics in recent U.S. RecoveriesGu, Grace Weishi
2013 Regional inequality in India in the 1990s: A district-level viewSingh, Nirvikar / Kendall, Jake / Jain, R. K. / Chander, Jai
2013 China, India and industrial policy for inclusive growthKaur, Inderjit N. / Singh, Nirvikar
2013 Access to technology and the transfer function of community colleges: Evidence from a field experimentFairlie, Robert W. / Grunberg, Samantha H.
2013 The impact of city contracting set-asides on black self-employment and employmentChatterji, Aaron K. / Chay, Kenneth Y. / Fairlie, Robert W.
2013 Does too much finance harm economic growth?Singh, Nirvikar / Law, Siong Hook
2013 Regional inequality in India in the 1990s: A further lookSingh, Nirvikar / Kendall, Jake / Jain, R. K. / Chander, Jai
2013 Experimental evidence on the effects of home computers on academic achievement among schoolchildrenFairlie, Robert W. / Robinson, Jonathan
2013 Analyzing the structural change and growth relationship in India: State-level evidenceCortuk, Orcan / Singh, Nirvikar
2012 Macroeconomic adjustment and the history of crises in open economiesAizenman, Joshua / Noy, Ilan
2012 Can conditional cash transfers impact institutional deliveries? Evidence from Janani Suraksha Yojana in IndiaDongrea, Ambrish
2012 Strategic behavior and organizational structure in religionsWittman, Donald
2012 The US 19th and 20th century experiences: Lessons for the Eurozone crisisAizenman, Joshua
2012 Evolution and depressionWittman, Donald / Singh, Nirvikar
2012 Trilemma policy convergence patterns and output volatilityAizenman, Joshua / Ito, Hiro
2012 Central banks and gold puzzlesAizenman, Joshua / Inoue, Kenta
2012 Cycles and instability in a Rock-Paper-Scissors population game: A continuous time experimentCason, Timothy N. / Friedman, Daniel / Hopkins, Ed
2012 Trade dynamics in the East Asian miracle: A time series analysis of U.S.-East Asia commodity trade, 1962 - 1992Carolan, Terrie / Mora, Jesse / Singh, Nirvikar
2012 From imitation to collusion: Long-run learning in a low-information environmentFriedman, Daniel / Huck, Steffen / Oprea, Ryan / Weidenholzer, Simon
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