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DateTitle Authors
2014 What do VARs tell us about the impact of a credit supply shock? An empirical analysisMumtaz, Haroon / Pinter, Gabor / Theodoridis, Konstantinos
2014 Fat-tails in VAR modelsChiu, Ching Wai Jeremy / Mumtaz, Haroon / Pinter, Gabor
2014 Disasters and the networked economy: A book summaryAlbala-Bertrand, Jose-Miguel
2014 DSGE priors for BVAR modelsFilippeli, Thomai / Theodoridis, Konstantinos
2014 Financial conditions and density forecasts for US output and inflationAlessandri, Piergiorgio / Mumtaz, Haroon
2014 Equilibrium selection in sequential games with imperfect informationEguia, Jon X. / Llorente-Saguer, Aniol / Morton, Rebecca / Nicolò, Antonio
2013 Migrant networks and job search outcomes: Evidence from displaced workersColussi, Tommaso
2013 The cost of segregation in social networksAllouch, Nizar
2013 Social democracy and distributive conflict in the UK: 1950 - 2010Fiorio, Carlo V. / Mohun, Simon / Veneziani, Roberto
2013 Evolution of structural indicators. China and regions: 1981 - 2010Albala-Bertrand, Jose Miguel
2013 The effect of educational mismatch on wages using European panel dataIriondo, Iñaki / Pérez-Amaral, Teodosio
2013 The measurement of labour content: A general approachYoshihara, Naoki / Veneziani, Roberto
2013 Preference symmetries, partial differential equations, and functional forms for utilityTyson, Christopher J.
2013 Worktime regulations and spousal labor supplyGoux, Dominique / Maurin, Eric / Petrongolo, Barbara
2013 Policy uncertainty and aggregate fluctuationsMumtaz, Haroon / Surico, Paolo
2013 The impact of uncertainty shocks under measurement error: A proxy SVAR approachCarriero, Andrea / Mumtaz, Haroon / Theodoridis, Konstantinos / Theophilopoulou, Angeliki
2013 Political motivations and electoral competition: Equilibrium analysis and experimental evidenceDrouvelis, Michalis / Saporiti, Alejandro / Vriend, Nicolaas J.
2013 Eurozone: The untold economicsHatgioannides, John / Karanassou, Marika / Sala, Hector
2013 Consumer default with complete markets: Default-based pricing and finite punishmentMateos-Planas, Xavier / Seccia, Giulio
2013 The effect of local area crime on mental healthDustmann, Christian / Fasani, Francesco
2012 Behavioral implications of shortlisting proceduresTyson, Christopher J.
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