Working Paper Series, School of Economics and Finance, Queen Mary University of London

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2022Can public policy increase paternity acknowledgement? Evidence from earnings-related parental leaveRaute, Anna; Weber, Andrea; Zudenkova, Galina
2022CSR and firm survival: Evidence from the climate and pandemic crisesChemmanur, Thomas J.; Gounopoulos, Dimitrios; Koutroumpis, Panagiotis; Zhang, Yu
2022Between Scylla and Charybdis: CEO political ideology, dividends and downsizing during the pandemicBayat, Ali; Goergen, Marc; Koutroumpis, Panagiotis; Wei, Xingjie
2021How voluntary information sharing systems form: Evidence from a U.S. commercial credit bureauLiberti, José; Sturgess, Jason; Sutherland, Andrew
2021Factor augmented vector-autoregression with narrative identification: An application to monetary policy in the USDe Nora, Giorgia
2021A comment on Galperti and Strulovici (2017)Ivanov, Asen
2021Discounting and the market valuation of defined benefit pensionsLarcher, Luca; Breedon, Francis J.
2021Export, female comparative advantage and the gender wage gapBonfiglioli, Alessandra; De Pace, Federica
2021The Borda count with weak preferencesIvanov, Asen
2021Home broadband and human capital formationSanchis-Guarner, Rosa; Montalbán, José; Weinhardt, Felix
2021Media and social capitalCampante, Filipe R.; Durante, Ruben; Tesei, Andrea
2021The macroeconomic cost of climate volatilityAlessandri, Piergiorgio; Mumtaz, Haroon
2021Foundations of ambiguity models under symmetry: α-MEU and smooth ambiguityKlibanoff, Peter; Mukerji, Sujoy; Seo, Kyoungwon; Stanca, Lorenzo
2021Parental investment, school choice, and the persistent benefits of intervention in early childhoodWang, Lei; Qian, Yiwei; Warrinnier, Nele; Attanasio, Orazio P.; Rozelle, Scott; Sylvia, Sean
2021Demand or supply? An empirical exploration of the effects of climate change on the macroeconomyCiccarelli, Matteo; Marotta, Fulvia
2021On the stochasticity of ultimatum gamesQi, Tianxiao; Xu, Bin; Wu, Jinshan; Vriend, Nicolaas J.
2021Learning framesDaskalova, Vessela; Vriend, Nicolaas J.
2021Parents know better: Primary school choice and student achievement in LondonOvidi, Marco
2021On the long-run unemployment, inflation, and volatilityFasani, Stefano
2020Monetary policy surprises and their transmission through term premia and expected interest ratesKaminska, Iryna; Mumtaz, Haroon; éSustek, Roman
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 474