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DateTitle Authors
2013 The World Bank's health projects in Timor-Leste: The political economy of effective aidRosser, Andrew / Bremner, Sharna
2013 International aid to southern Europe in the early post-war period: The cases of Greece and ItalySotiropoulos, Dimitri A.
2013 How do governments become great? Ten cases, two competing explanations, one large research agendaAndrews, Matt
2013 Another look at foreign aidRanis, Gustav
2013 The care connection: The World Bank and women's unpaid care work in select sub-Saharan African countriesBibler, Sarah / Zuckerman, Elaine
2013 Environmental and climate finance in a new world: How past environmental aid allocation impacts future climate aidMarcoux, Christopher / Parks, Bradley C. / Peratsakis, Christian M. / Roberts, J. Timmons / Tierney, Michael J.
2013 Aid and environment in Burkina FasoBambio, Yiriyibin
2013 Aid and state transition in Ghana and South KoreaKim, Jiyoung
2013 Foreign aid and sustainable energyGomez-Echeverri, Luis
2013 Innovation at the World Bank: Selective perspectives over three decades 1975 - 2005Grawe, Roger
2013 The ideal of gender justice and the UNSCR 1325. Two case studies: Kenya and the Democratic Republic of CongoHellsten, Sirkku K.
2013 Foreign capital inflow and economic growth in CameroonFambon, Samuel
2013 Social transfer programmes and school enrolment in Malawi: A micro-simulationNanivazo, Malokele
2013 Impact assessment of the Facilitadores Judiciales programme in NicaraguaBarendrecht, Maurits / Kokke, Margot / Gramatikov, Martin / Porter, Robert / Frishman, Morly / Morales, Andrea
2013 South Sudan's capability trap: Building a state with disruptive innovationLarson, Greg / Biar Ajak, Peter / Pritchett, Lant
2013 Aid and Dutch Disease: Evidence from Moroccan and Tunisian time-series dataAddison, Tony / Baliamoune-Lutz, Mina
2013 Explaining positive deviance in public sector reforms in developmentAndrews, Matt
2013 Intervention, aid, and institution-building in Iraq and Afghanistan: A review and critique of comparative lessonsMonten, Jonathan
2013 Is Kazakhstan vulnerable to natural resource curse?Oskenbayev, Yessengali / Karimov, Aziz
2013 Liberia's gender-sensitive police reform. Starting from scratch? Improving representation and responsivenessBacon, Laura
2013 The National Solidarity Programme: Assessing the effects of community-driven development in AfghanistanBeath, Andrew / Christia, Fotini / Enikolopov, Ruben
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