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DateTitle Authors
2010 Social class and the fertility transition: A critical comment on the statistical results reported in Simon Szreter's fertility, class and gender in Britain, 1986-1940Barnes, Geoffrey / Guinnane, Timothy W.
2010 Human capital investment and the gender division of labor in a brawn-based economyPitt, Mark M. / Rosenzweig, Mark R. / Hassan, Nazmul
2010 Microeconomics of technology adoptionFoster, Andrew D. / Rosenzweig, Mark R.
2010 The historical fertility transition: A guide for economistsGuinnane, Timothy W.
2010 Trade, tastes and nutrition in IndiaAtkin, David
2010 Getting to the top of mind: How reminders increase savingKarlan, Dean / McConnell, Margaret / Mullainathan, Sendhil / Zinman, Jonathan
2010 Natural disasters in a two-sector model of endogenous growthHorii, Ryo / Ikefuji, Masako
2010 Microeconomic approaches to development: Schooling, learning, and growthRosenzweig, Mark R.
2010 Global wage inequality and the international flow of migrantsRosenzweig, Mark R.
2010 Is there surplus labor in rural India?Foster, Andrew D. / Rosenzweig, Mark R.
2009 Expanding microenterprise credit access: Using randomized supply decisions to estimate the impacts in ManilaKarlan, Dean / Zinman, Jonathan
2009 The gender and generational consequences of the demographic transition and population policy: An assessment of the micro and macro linkagesSchultz, T. Paul
2009 Population and health policiesSchultz, T. Paul
2009 That's where the money was: Foreign bias and English investment abroad, 1866-1907Chabot, Benjamin / Kurz, Christopher
2009 Group versus individual liability: Long term evidence from Philippine microcredit lending groupsGiné, Xavier / Karlan, Dean
2009 Commitment contractsBryan, Gharad / Karlan, Dean S. / Nelson, Scott
2009 Bringing "honest capital" to poor borrowers: The passage of the uniform small loan law, 1907-1930Carruthers, Bruce G. / Guinnane, Timothy / Lee, Yoonseok
2009 Does land abundance explain African institutions?Fenske, James
2009 Cairo evaluation clinic: Thoughts on randomized trials for evaluation of developmentKarlan, Dean
2009 Diversity of communities and economic development: An overviewRanis, Gustav
2009 Structural change in transition economies: Does foreign aid matter?Fardmanesh, Mohsen / Tan, Li
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