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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 Fairness, Adverse Selection, and Employment Contractsvon Siemens, Ferdinand
2005 Bargaining under Incomplete Information, Fairness, and the Hold-Up Problemvon Siemens, Ferdinand
2006 The Intensity of Incentives in Firms and Markets: Moral Hazard with Envious AgentsBartling, Björn; von Siemens, Ferdinand
2007 Equal Sharing Rules in PartnershipsBartling, Björn; von Siemens, Ferdinand
2007 Competition, cooperation, and corporate cultureKosfeld, Michael; von Siemens, Ferdinand
2008 Worker self-selection and the profits from cooperationKosfeld, Michael; von Siemens, Ferdinand
2009 Negative externalities and equilibrium existence in competitive markets with adverse selectionvon Siemens, Ferdinand; Kosfeld, Michael
2010 Monitoring your friends, not your foes: Strategic ignorance and the delegation of real authorityDominguez-Martinez, Silvia; Sloof, Randolph; von Siemens, Ferdinand
2010 Monitoring your Friends, not your Foes: Strategic Ignorance and the Delegation of Real AuthorityMartinez, Silvia Dominguez; Sloof, Randolph; von Siemens, Ferdinand
2011 Intention-Based Reciprocity and the Hidden Costs of Controlvon Siemens, Ferdinand
2014 Illusion of Control and the Pursuit of AuthoritySloof, Randolph; von Siemens, Ferdinand
2014 Team Production in Competitive Labor Markets with Adverse Selectionvon Siemens, Ferdinand; Kosfeld, Michael
2014 Bracelets of Pride and Guilt? An Experimental Test of Self-Signaling in Charitable Givingvan der Weele, Joël J.; von Siemens, Ferdinand
2015 Decision Initiation, Decision Implementation, and the Allocation of Decision RightsSloof, Randolph; von Siemens, Ferdinand
2015 Team Production, Gender Diversity, and Male Courtship Behaviorvon Siemens, Ferdinand