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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014 How brand personality, brand identification and service quality influence service brand equityLoureiro, Sandra Maria Correia; Lopes, Rui; Kaufmann, Hans Ruediger; Wright, Len Tiu
2015 A collection of insurance brands: The story of RSA in IrelandBrophy, Richard; Wright, Len Tiu
2015 A quantitative study on the influence of breadth of open innovation on SMEs product-service performance: The moderating effect of type of innovationUduma, Idika Awa; Wali, Andy Fred; Wright, Len Tiu
2015 The factors affecting the green brand equity of electronic products: Green marketingDelafrooz, Narges; Goli, Armin; Wright, Len Tiu
2015 Students’ online purchasing behavior in Malaysia: Understanding online shopping attitudeZendehdel, Marzieh; Paim, Laily Hj; Osman, Syuhaily Bint; Wright, Len Tiu
2015 Marketing a tourism industry in late stage decline: The case of the Isle of ManCanavan, Brendan; Wright, Len Tiu
2015 “Give Me Happiness” or “Take Away My Pain”: Explaining consumer responses to prescription drug advertisingSumpradit, Nithima; Bagozzi, Richard P.; Ascione, Frank J.; Wright, Len Tiu
2016 Customer relationship management (CRM) experiences of Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing firms: A qualitative studyWali, Andy Fred; Uduma, Idika Awa; Wright, Len Tiu
2017 Consumer social network brand identification and personal branding. How do social network users choose among brand sites?Kucharska, Wioleta; Wright, Len Tiu
2018 Academic research into marketing: Many publications, but little impact?Hughes, Tim; Stone, Merlin; Aravopoulou, Eleni; Wright, Len Tiu; Machtynger, Liz
2018 Testing for consumer preferences of smoked asian sea bass (Barramundi) filet products in HungarySzűcs, István; Tikász, Ildikó Edit; Fehér, Milán; Stündl, László; Wright, Len Tiu
2019 Consumer attitudes towards Instagram advertisements in Egypt: The role of the perceived advertising value and personalizationGaber, Hazem Rasheed; Wright, Len Tiu; Kooli, Kaouther