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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 Endogeneity of Currency Areas and Trade Blocs: Evidence from the Inter-War PeriodWolf, Nikolaus; Ritschl, Albrecht
2004 Estimating medieval market integration: Evidence from exchange ratesVolckart, Oliver; Wolf, Nikolaus
2004 Economic integration across borders : the Polish interwar economy 1921-1937Trenkler, Carsten; Wolf, Nikolaus
2005 Harbingers of dissolution? Grain prices, borders and nationalism in the Habsburg economy before the First World WarWolf, Nikolaus; Schulze, Max-Stephan
2005 Endowments vs market potential: what explains the relocation of industry after the Polish reunification 1918?Wolf, Nikolaus
2006 Local comparative advantage: agriculture and economic development in Poland 1870 - 1970Wolf, Nikolaus
2006 Was Germany ever united? Borders and domestic trade, 1885 - 1933Wolf, Nikolaus
2008 Scylla and Charybdis: explaining Europe's exit from gold, January 1928 - December 1936Wolf, Nikolaus
2008 Endogenous borders?: the effects of new borders on trade in Central Europe 1885-1933Heinemeyer, Hans Christian; Schulze, Max-Stephan; Wolf, Nikolaus
2008 Was Germany ever united?: evidence from intra- and international trade 1885 - 1933Wolf, Nikolaus
2009 Tear down this wall : on the persistence of borders in tradeNitsch, Volker; Wolf, Nikolaus
2009 Economic nationalism and economic integration : the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the late nineteenth centurySchulze, Max-Stephan; Wolf, Nikolaus
2009 Shooting on a moving target : explaining European Bank rates during the interwar periodWandschneider, Kirsten; Wolf, Nikolaus
2010 Zur Diskussion gestellt: Ungleichgewichte im Außenhandel: Wie können Handelsbilanzsalden abgebaut werden?Langhammer, Rolf J.; Mihram, Felix; Wolf, Nikolaus; Nitsch, Volker
2010 Endogenous Borders? Exploring a Natural Experiment on Border EffectsWolf, Nikolaus; Heinemeyer, Hans Christian; Schulze, Max-Stephan
2010 Zur Dauerhaftigkeit von Handelsbarrieren: Evidenz von der deutsch-deutschen WiedervereinigungNitsch, Volker; Wolf, Nikolaus
2010 Europe's great depression: Coordination failure after the first World WarWolf, Nikolaus
2013 The Economics of Density: Evidence from the Berlin WallSturm, Daniel; Ahlfeldt, Gabriel; Redding, Stephen; Wolf, Nikolaus
2013 Same Same But Different: Dialects and TradeLameli, Alfred; Nitsch, Volker; Südekum, Jens; Wolf, Nikolaus
2013 Same Same But Different: Dialects and TradeLameli, Alfred; Nitsch, Volker; Suedekum, Jens; Wolf, Nikolaus