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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001Dynamics of China's Regional Development and Pollutionde Groot, Henri L.F.M.; Withagen, Cees A.; Minliang, Zhou
2003Optimal Environmental Policy Differentials under Emissions ConstraintsFlorax, Raymond J.G.M.; Mulatu, Abay; Withagen, Cees A.
2004Environmental Regulation and International TradeMulatu, Abay; Florax, Raymond J.G.M.; Withagen, Cees A.
2005Tradable emission permits in a federal systemVerbon, Harrie A. A.; Withagen, Cees A.
2005Constant savings rates and quasi-arithmetic population growth under exhaustible resource constraintsAsheim, Geir B.; Buchholz, Wolfgang; Hartwick, John M.; Mitra, Tapan; Withagen, Cees A.
2005Local and Global Interactions in an Evolutionary Resource GameNoailly, Joëlle; van den Bergh, Jeroen C.J.M.; Withagen, Cees A.
2005Spatial Evolution of Social Norms in a Common-Pool Resource GameNoailly, Joëlle; Withagen, Cees A.; van den Bergh, Jeroen C.J.M.
2009Inciting Protocols - How International Environmental Agreements Trigger Knowledge TransfersDekker, Thijs; Vollebergh, Herman R.J.; de Vries, Frans P.; Withagen, Cees A.
2010Do permit allocations matter?Verbon, Harrie A. A.; Withagen, Cees A.
2010Is there really a green paradox?van der Ploeg, Frederick; Withagen, Cees A.
2011Too little oil, too much coal: Optimal carbon tax and when to phase in oil, coal and renewablesvan der Ploeg, Frederick; Withagen, Cees A.
2011Optimal carbon tax with a dirty backstop: Oil, coal, or renewables?van der Ploeg, Frederick; Withagen, Cees A.
2011Optimal emission-extraction policy in a world of scarcity and irreversibilityPrieur, Fabien; Tidball, Mabel; Withagen, Cees A.
2012Characterizing the sustainability problem in an exhaustible resource modelMitra, Tapan; Asheim, Geir B.; Buchholz, Wolfgang; Withagen, Cees A.
2014International Capital Markets, Oil Producers and the Green Paradoxvan der Meijden, Gerard C.; der Ploeg, Rick Van; Withagen, Cees A.
2014Battle for Climate and Scarcity Rents: Beyond the Linear-Quadratic CaseKagan, Mark; van der Ploeg, Frederick; Withagen, Cees A.
2016Members, Joiners, Free-Riders, SupportersAnsink, Erik; Withagen, Cees A.
2016Limit Pricing, Climate Policies, and Imperfect Substitutionvan der Meijden, Gerard C.; Withagen, Cees A.
2017OPEC, Shale Oil, and Global Warming - On the Importance of the Order of ExtractionBenchekroun, Hassan; van der Meijden, Gerard C.; Withagen, Cees A.
2018The Social Cost of Carbon and the Ramsey Rule.Withagen, Cees A.