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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011 Disentangling income inequality and the redistributive effect of social transfers and taxes in 36 LIS countriesWang, Chen; Caminada, Koen
2012 Disentangling income inequality and the redistributive effect of taxes and transfers in 20 LIS countries over timeCaminada, Koen; Goudswaard, Kees; Wang, Chen
2013 The impacts of network competence, knowledge sharing on service innovation performance: Moderating role of relationship qualityJian, Zaoquan; Wang, Chen
2013 Sectoral trends in earnings inequality and employment International trade, skill-biased technological change, or labour market institutions?Thewissen, Stefan; Wang, Chen; van Vliet, Olaf
2015 Income polarization in the People's Republic of China: Trends and changesWan, Guanghua; Wang, Chen
2016 A retrospective critic Re-Debate on Stakeholders’ resistance checklist in software project management within multi-cultural, multi-ethnical and cosmopolitan society context: The Malaysian experienceTaherdoost, Hamed; Keshavarzsaleh, Abolfazl; Wang, Chen
2016 Structural change and income distribution: Accounting for regional inequality in the People's Republic of China and its changes during 1952-2012Wan, Guanghua; Wang, Chen; Zhang, Xun
2017 Income inequality and fiscal redistribution in 47 LIS-countries, 1967-2014Caminada, Koen; Wang, Jinxian; Goudswaard, Kees Pieter; Wang, Chen
2017 Aging and inequality: The perspective of labor income shareWang, Chen; Wan, Guanghua; Luo, Zhi; Zhang, Xun
2017 Technical progress and the share of labor incomeZhang, Xun; Wang, Chen; Wan, Guanghua; Luo, Zhi
2017 Which dimension of income distribution drives crime? Evidence from the People's Republic of ChinaWang, Chen; Wan, Guanghua; Zhang, Xueliang
2017 Pollution and road infrastructure in cities of the People's Republic of ChinaLuo, Zhi; Wan, Guanghua; Wang, Chen; Zhang, Xun
2017 Inequality, aging, and the middle-income trapWang, Chen; Lan, Jiajun
2018 Moderating role of organisational learning and firm size on risk management maturity in construction firmsWang, Chen; Alashwal, Ali M.; Asef, Arash; Abdul-Rahman, Hamzah; Wood, Lincoln C.
2018 Poverty and inequality in Asia: 1965-2014Wan, Guanghua; Wang, Chen
2019 Relative income poverty rates and poverty alleviation via tax/benefit systems in 49 LIS countries, 1967-2016Caminada, Koen; Wang, Jinxian; Goudswaard, Kees Pieter; Wang, Chen