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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1996 The impact of a dealer's failure on OTC derivatives market liquidity during volatile periodsWall, Larry D.; Tallman, Ellis W.; Abken, Peter A.
1999 Financial regulatory structure and the resolution of conflicting goalsWall, Larry D.; Eisenbeis, Robert A.
2000 Managing the risk of loans with basis risk: sell, hedge, or do nothing?Wall, Larry D.; Shrikhande, Milind M.
2000 Subordinated debt and bank capital reformEvanoff, Douglas D.; Wall, Larry D.
2000 The use of accruals to manage reported earnings: theory and evidenceKoch, Timothy W.; Wall, Larry D.
2001 Measures of the riskiness of banking organizations: Subordinated debt yields, risk-based capital, and examination ratingsEvanoff, Douglas D.; Wall, Larry D.
2001 Sub-debt yield spreads as bank risk measuresEvanoff, Douglas D.; Wall, Larry D.
2002 Subordinated debt and prompt corrective regulatory actionEvanoff, Douglas D.; Wall, Larry D.
2002 The major supervisory initiatives post-FDICIA: Are they based on the goals of PCA? Should they be?Eisenbeis, Robert A.; Wall, Larry D.
2003 Determinants of the loan loss allowance: some cross-country comparisonsHasan, Iftekhar; Wall, Larry D.
2004 Resolving large financial intermediaries: banks versus housing enterprisesEisenbeis, Robert A.; Frame, W. Scott; Wall, Larry D.
2005 Debt, hedging, and human capitalSmith, Stephen D.; Wall, Larry D.
2006 When target CEOs contract with acquirers: Evidence from bank mergers and acquisitionsBrewer, Elijah; Jackson, William E.; Wall, Larry D.
2006 An analysis of the systemic risks posed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and an evaluation of the policy options for reducing those risksEisenbeis, Robert A.; Frame, W. Scott; Wall, Larry D.
2006 Preconditions for a successful implementation of supervisors' prompt corrective action: Is there a case for a banking standard in the European Union?Nieto, María J.; Wall, Larry D.
2008 Bank capital ratios across countries: Why do they vary?Brewer, Elijah; Kaufman, George G.; Wall, Larry D.
2008 Determinants of domestic and cross-border bank acquisitions in the European UnionHernando, Ignacio; Nieto, María J.; Wall, Larry D.
2008 The Final Frontier: The Integration of Banking and Commerce. Part 1: The Likely Outcome of Eliminating the BarrierWall, Larry D.; Reichert, Alan K.; Liang, Hsin-yu
2008 The Final Frontier: The Integration of Banking and Commerce. Part 2: Risk and Return Using Efficient Portfolio AnalysisReichert, Alan K.; Wall, Larry D.; Liang, Hsin-yu
2009 Prudential discipline for financial firms: Micro, macro, and market structuresWall, Larry D.