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2002 Spatial differentiation of compensation payments for biodiversity enhancing land-use measuresWätzold, Frank; Drechsler, Martin
2003 Species conservation in the face of political uncertaintyDrechsler, Martin; Wätzold, Frank
2004 Why be wasteful when preserving a valuable resource? A review article on the cost-effectiveness of European biodiversity conservation policyWätzold, Frank; Schwerdtner, Kathleen
2005 Promoting the multifunctionality of agriculture, forestry, and rural areas - design and implementation of public policies in GermanyLehmann, Paul; Schleyer, Christian; Wüstemann, Henry; Drechsler, Martin; Hagedorn, Konrad; Wätzold, Frank
2005 Differences and similarities between ecological and economic models for biodiversity conservationDrechsler, Martin; Grimma, Volker; Myšiak, Jaroslav; Wätzold, Frank
2005 A model-based approach for designing cost-effective compensation payments for conservation of endangered species in real landscapesDrechsler, Martin; Wätzold, Frank; Johst, Karin; Bergmann, Holger; Settele, Josef
2005 Integrating economic costs into the analysis of flexible conservation management strategiesDrechsler, Martin; Johst, Karin; Wätzold, Frank; Westphal, Michael
2006 Explaining differences in environmental policy across Europe: the importance of informal institutions, incomplete information and path dependenceWätzold, Frank
2006 Managing land use and land cover change in the biodiversity context with regard to efficiency, equality and ecological effectivenessOhl, Cornelia; Drechsler, Martin; Johst, Karin; Wätzold, Frank
2006 Estimating optimal conservation in agricultural landscapes when costs and benefits of conservation measures are heterogeneous in space and over timeWätzold, Frank; Lienhoop, Nele; Drechsler, Martin; Settele, Josef
2007 Comparing visible and less visible costs of the Habitats Directive: The case of hamster conservation in GermanyEppink, Florian V.; Wätzold, Frank
2007 Applying tradable permits to biodiversity conservation: effects of space-dependent ecological benefits and cost heterogeneity on habitat allocationDrechsler, Martin; Wätzold, Frank
2007 An agglomeration payment for cost-effective biodiversity conservation in spatially structured landscapesDrechsler, Martin; Johst, Karin; Wätzold, Frank; Shogren, Jason F.
2008 Applying tradable permits to biodiversity conservation: A conceptual analysis of trading rulesWissel, Silvia; Wätzold, Frank
2009 Integrating knowledge from social and natural sciences for biodiversity management: The asymmetric information trapWätzold, Frank; Haberl, Helmut; Svarstad, Hanne; van Reeth, Wouter; White, Rehema
2012 Handbuch der Software Ecopay zur Bestimmung kosteneffizienter Ausgleichszahlungen für Maßnahmen zum Schutz gefährdeter Arten und Lebensraumtypen im GrünlandMewes, Melanie; Sturm, Astrid; Johst, Karin; Drechsler, Martin; Wätzold, Frank
2013 A systematic approach for assessing spatially and temporally differentiated opportunity costs of biodiversity conservation measures in grasslandsMewes, Melanie; Drechsler, Martin; Johst, Karin; Sturm, Astrid; Wätzold, Frank
2018 Spotlight on Spatial Environmental Policy Spillovers: An Econometric Analysis of Wastewater Treatment in Mexican MunicipalitiesHecker, Lutz Philip; Wätzold, Frank; Markwardt, Gunther
2019 Spotlight on spatial environmental policy spilloversMarkwardt, Gunther; Hecker, Lutz; Wätzold, Frank