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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Separating Real Incentives and AccountabilityVieider, Ferdinand M.
2009 The ratio bias phenomenon: fact or artifact?Lefèbvre, Mathieu; Vieider, Ferdinand M.; Villeval, Marie-Claire
2009 Incentive effects on risk attitude in small probability prospectsLefèbvre, Mathieu; Vieider, Ferdinand M.; Villeval, Marie-Claire
2010 Responsibility Effects in Decision Making under RiskPahlke, Julius; Strasser, Sebastian; Vieider, Ferdinand M.
2011 Drivers of Thermal Retrofit Decisions – A Survey of German Single- and Two-Family HousesNovikova, Aleksandra; Vieider, Ferdinand M.; Neuhoff, Karsten; Amecke, Hermann
2011 Risk Taking of Executives under Different Incentive Contracts: Experimental EvidenceLefebvre, Mathieu; Vieider, Ferdinand M.
2011 Beweggründe für Sanierungsentscheidungen – Eine Umfrage unter Ein- und ZweifamilienhausbesitzernNovikova, Aleksandra; Vieider, Ferdinand M.; Neuhoff, Karsten; Amecke, Hermann
2012 Responsibility effects in decision making under riskPahlke, Julius; Strasser, Sebastian; Vieider, Ferdinand M.
2012 Risk attitudes, development, and growth: Macroeconomic evidence from experiments in 30 countriesVieider, Ferdinand M.; Chmura, Thorsten; Martinsson, Peter
2013 Risk preferences and development revisited: A field experiment in VietnamVieider, Ferdinand M.; Truong, Nghi; Martinsson, Peter; Pham Khanh Nam; Martinsson, Peter
2013 Common components of risk and uncertainty attitudes across contexts and domains: Evidence from 30 countriesVieider, Ferdinand M.; Lefebvre, Mathieu; Bouchouicha, Ranoua; Chmura, Thorsten; Hakimov, Rustamdjan; Krawczyk, Michal; Martinsson, Peter
2013 Separating attitudes towards money from attitudes towards probabilities: Stake effects and ambiguity as a test for prospect theoryVieider, Ferdinand M.; Cingl, Lubomír; Martinsson, Peter; Stojic, Hrvoje
2014 Measuring risk preferences in rural Ethiopia: Risk tolerance and exogenous income proxiesVieider, Ferdinand M.; Beyene, Abebe; Bluffstone, Randall; Dissanayake, Sahan; Gebreegziabher, Zenebe; Martinsson, Peter; Mekonnen, Alemu
2015 Risk taking for oneself and others: A structural model approachVieider, Ferdinand M.; Villegas-Palacio, Clara; Martinsson, Peter; Mejía, Milagros
2017 Stake effects on ambiguity attitudes for gains and lossesBouchouicha, Ranoua; Martinsson, Peter; Medhin, Haileselassie; Vieider, Ferdinand M.
2019 All over the map: A worldwide comparison of risk preferencesL'Haridon, Olivier; Vieider, Ferdinand M.
2020 Risk attitudes and digit ratio (2D:4D): Evidence from prospect theoryNeyse, Levent; Vieider, Ferdinand M.; Ring, Patrick; Probst, Catharina; Kaernbach, Christian; Eimeren, Thilo van; Schmidt, Ulrich