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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 How and why do small firms manage interest rate risk? Evidence from commercial loansVickery, James
2007 Patterns of rainfall insurance participation in rural IndiaGiné, Xavier; Townsend, Robert; Vickery, James
2009 Barriers to household risk management: Evidence from IndiaCole, Shawn; Giné, Xavier; Tobacman, Jeremy; Topalova, Petia; Townsend, Robert; Vickery, James
2010 A private lender cooperative model for residential mortgage financeDechario, Toni; Mosser, Patricia; Tracy, Joseph; Vickery, James; Wright, Joshua
2010 MBS ratings and the mortgage credit boomAshcraft, Adam; Goldsmith-Pinkham, Paul; Vickery, James
2010 TBA trading and liquidity in the agency MBS marketVickery, James; Wright, Joshua
2013 Securitization and the fixed-rate mortgageFuster, Andreas; Vickery, James
2013 A sampling-window approach to transactions-based libor fixingDuffie, Darrell; Skeie, David; Vickery, James
2013 Identifying term interbank loans from fedwire payments dataKuo, Dennis; Skeie, David; Vickery, James; Youle, Thomas
2014 How does risk management influence production decisions? Evidence from a field experimentCole, Shawn; Giné, Xavier; Vickery, James
2014 The capital and loss assessment under stress scenarios (CLASS) modelHirtle, Beverly; Kovner, Anna; Vickery, James; Bhanot, Meru
2015 The rescue of Fannie Mae and Freddie MacFrame, W. Scott; Fuster, Andreas; Tracy, Joseph; Vickery, James
2015 The rescue of Fannie Mae and Freddie MacFrame, W. Scott; Fuster, Andreas; Tracy, Joseph; Vickery, James
2018 Does CFPB oversight crimp credit?Fuster, Andreas; Plosser, Matthew; Vickery, James
2018 Regulation and risk shuffling in bank securities portfoliosFuster, Andreas; Vickery, James
2018 Peas in a pod? Comparing the U.S. and Danish mortgage finance systemsBerg, Jesper; Bækmand Nielsen, Morten; Vickery, James
2018 The role of technology in mortgage lendingFuster, Andreas; Plosser, Matthew; Schnabl, Philipp; Vickery, James
2018 Credit risk transfer and de facto GSE reformFinkelstein, David L.; Strzodka, Andreas; Vickery, James