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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 Market efficiency and international linkage of stock prices: An analysis with high-frequency dataTsutsui, Yoshiro; Hirayama, Kenjiro
2005 Recent competition in the Japanese life insurance industrySouma, Toshiyuki; Tsutsui, Yoshiro
2005 Can we make money with fifth-order autocorrelation in Japanese stock prices?Tsutsui, Yoshiro; Hirayama, Kenjiro; Tanaka, Takahiro; Uesugi, Nobutaka
2006 Experiments on risk attitude: The case of Chinese studentsSasaki, Shunichiro; Xie, Shiyu; Ohtake, Fumio; Qin, Jie; Tsutsui, Yoshiro
2007 Koizumi carried the day: Did the Japanese election results make people happy and unhappy?Tsutsui, Yoshiro; Kimball, Miles; Ohtake, Fumio
2007 Time discounting: Declining impatience and interval effectKinari, Yusuke; Ohtake, Fumio; Tsutsui, Yoshiro
2008 Analyzing the decision to get flu shot: An empirical studyTsutsui, Yoshiro; Benzion, Uri; Shahrabani, Shosh; Din, Gregory Yom
2008 Time discounting: The delay effect and procrastinating behaviorSasaki, Shunichiro; Xie, Shiyu; Ikeda, Shinsuke; Qin, Jie; Tsutsui, Yoshiro
2011 Asking about changes in happiness in a daily web surveyTsutsui, Yoshiro; Ohtake, Fumio
2011 Smokers, smoking deprivation and time discountingYamane, Shoko; Yoneda, Hiroyasu; Takahashi, Taiki; Kamijo, Yoshio; Komori, Yasuhiro; Hiruma, Fumihiko; Tsutsui, Yoshiro
2012 Homo economicus vs. human being: Outcomes of irrationalityYamane, Shoko; Yoneda, Hiroyasu; Tsutsui, Yoshiro
2014 Trust and happiness: Comparative study before and after the Great East Japan EarthquakeYamamura, Eiji; Tsutsui, Yoshiro; Yamane, Chisako; Yamane, Shoko; Powdthavee, Nattavudh
2014 Effect of major disasters on geographical mobility intentions: The case of the Fukushima nuclear accidentYamamura, Eiji; Tsutsui, Yoshiro; Yamane, Chisako; Yamane, Shoko
2015 Happiness before and after an election: An analysis based on a daily survey around Japan's 2009 electionKinari, Yusuke; Ohtake, Fumio; Kimball, Miles; Morimoto, Shoko; Tsutsui, Yoshiro
2015 Why are cabinet supporters happy?Tsutsui, Yoshiro; Yamane, Shoko; Ohtake, Fumio
2015 Activity, time, and subjective happiness: An analysis based on an hourly web surveySakawa, Hideaki; Ohtake, Fumio; Tsutsui, Yoshiro
2015 Relative income position and happiness: Are cabinet supporters different from others in Japan?Yamamura, Eiji; Tsutsui, Yoshiro; Ohtake, Fumio
2017 Altruistic and selfish motivations of charitable giving: Case of the hometown tax donation system in JapanYamamura, Eiji; Tsutsui, Yoshiro; Ohtake, Fumio
2020 COVID-19 enhanced diminishing sensitivity in prospect-theory risk preferences: A panel analysisIkeda, Shinsuke; Yamamura, Eiji; Tsutsui, Yoshiro