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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 Developing Communication Technologies and Transaction Costs: A NoteTodorova, Tamara
1999 The Role of Wholesalers in International Distribution: Transaction Cost EffectsTodorova, Tamara; Iliev, Ivan
2000 MNCs and their Role in the Economies of CEE. The Bulgarian CaseYakimova, Ivona; Todorova, Tamara
2000 MNCs in Central and Eastern Europe: A Challenge for Development and Sustainable Growth. The Bulgarian CaseYackimova, Ivona; Todorova, Tamara
2001 The Institutional Setting of Multinational Corporations in Bulgaria: an Empirical SurveyTodorova, Tamara; Yackimova, Ivona
2001 The Case-study Method: Applications in Learner-centered EducationTodorova, Tamara
2005 Critical Thinking and the Study of EconomicsTodorova, Tamara; Ramachandran, Bharath
2005 Emotions and Economic PreferenceTodorova, Tamara; Ramachandran, Bharath
2010 Optimal Time and Opportunity Cost of Job Search in Low-income Groups: an Out-of-the-job Search ModelTodorova, Tamara; Dzharova, Veselina
2010 Vertical Integration in High-Transaction Cost Sectors: The Case of the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical IndustryTodorova, Tamara
2010 World Demand as a Determinant of Immiserizing GrowthTodorova, Tamara
2010 Chapter 5: Exponential and Logarithmic FunctionsTodorova, Tamara
2010 Exponential and Logarithmic FunctionsTodorova, Tamara
2010 Introduction to Dynamic Optimization: The Calculus of VariationsTodorova, Tamara
2010 Advanced Differential and Difference EquationsTodorova, Tamara
2012 The Economic Dynamics of Inflation and UnemploymentTodorova, Tamara
2013 Solving optimal timing problems elegantlyTodorova, Tamara
2015 Is There Excess Capacity Really?Todorova, Tamara
2015 The Transaction-Cost Roots of Market FailureTodorova, Tamara
2016 Transaction Costs, Market Failure and Economic DevelopmentTodorova, Tamara