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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999Developing Communication Technologies and Transaction Costs: A NoteTodorova, Tamara
1999The Role of Wholesalers in International Distribution: Transaction Cost EffectsTodorova, Tamara; Iliev, Ivan
2000MNCs and their Role in the Economies of CEE. The Bulgarian CaseYakimova, Ivona; Todorova, Tamara
2000MNCs in Central and Eastern Europe: A Challenge for Development and Sustainable Growth. The Bulgarian CaseYackimova, Ivona; Todorova, Tamara
2001The Institutional Setting of Multinational Corporations in Bulgaria: an Empirical SurveyTodorova, Tamara; Yackimova, Ivona
2001The Case-study Method: Applications in Learner-centered EducationTodorova, Tamara
2005Critical Thinking and the Study of EconomicsTodorova, Tamara; Ramachandran, Bharath
2005Emotions and Economic PreferenceTodorova, Tamara; Ramachandran, Bharath
2010Optimal Time and Opportunity Cost of Job Search in Low-income Groups: an Out-of-the-job Search ModelTodorova, Tamara; Dzharova, Veselina
2010Vertical Integration in High-Transaction Cost Sectors: The Case of the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical IndustryTodorova, Tamara
2010World Demand as a Determinant of Immiserizing GrowthTodorova, Tamara
2010Problems Book to accompany Mathematics for Economists, Chapter 1: Matrix AlgebraTodorova, Tamara
2012The Economic Dynamics of Inflation and UnemploymentTodorova, Tamara
2013Solving optimal timing problems elegantlyTodorova, Tamara
2015Is There Excess Capacity Really?Todorova, Tamara
2015The Transaction-Cost Roots of Market FailureTodorova, Tamara
2016Some Transaction Cost Effects of Authoritarian ManagementVasilev, Aleksandar; Todorova, Tamara
2016Some Efficiency Aspects of Monopolistic Competition: Innovation, Variety and Transaction CostsTodorova, Tamara
2016Transaction Costs, Market Failure and Economic DevelopmentTodorova, Tamara
2020Diminishing marginal utility and the teaching of economics: A noteTodorova, Tamara