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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Working during school and academic performanceStinebrickner, Todd R.; Stinebrickner, Ralph
2000 The relationship between family income and schooling attainment: Evidence from a liberal arts college with a full tuition subsidy programStinebrickner, Todd R.; Stinebrickner, Ralph
2010 Interracial friendships in collegeCamargo, Braz; Stinebrickner, Ralph; Stinebrickner, Todd
2011 Math or science? Using longitudinal expectations data to examine the process of choosing a college majorStinebrickner, Todd R.; Stinebrickner, Ralph
2013 Academic performance and college dropout: Using longitudinal expectations data to estimate a learning modelStinebrickner, Ralph; Stinebrickner, Todd
2013 A major in science? Initial beliefs and final outcomes for college major and dropoutStinebrickner, Ralph; Stinebrickner, Todd
2017 Careers and mismatch for college graduates: College and non-college jobsAgopsowicz, Andrew; Robinson, Chris; Stinebrickner, Ralph; Stinebrickner, Todd R.
2017 Beauty, job tasks, and wages: A new conclusion about employer taste-based discriminationStinebrickner, Todd R.; Stinebrickner, Ralph; Sullivan, Paul
2017 Social interactions, mechanisms, and equilibrium: Evidence from a model of study time and academic achievementConley, Timothy G.; Mehta, Nirav; Stinebrickner, Ralph; Stinebrickner, Todd R.
2017 Job tasks, time allocation, and wagesStinebrickner, Ralph; Stinebrickner, Todd R.; Sullivan, Paul
2018 Social Interactions, Mechanisms, and Equilibrium: Evidence from a Model of Study Time and Academic AchievementConley, Tim; Mehta, Nirav; Stinebrickner, Ralph; Stinebrickner, Todd