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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 Focalização e cobertura do Programa Bolsa-Família: Qual o significado dos 11 milhões de famílias?Soares, Sergei; Ribas, Rafael Perez; Soares, Fábio Veras
2009 Changes in earnings in Brazil, Chile and Mexico: Disentangling the forces behind pro-poor change in labour marketsZepeda, Eduardo; Alarcon, Diana; Soares, Fábio Veras; Osório, Rafael Guerreiro
2010 Targeting and coverage of the Bolsa Família Programme: Why knowing what you measure is important in choosing the numbersSoares, Sergei; Ribas, Rafael Perez; Soares, Fábio Veras
2010 Beyond cash: Assessing externality and behaviour effects of non-experimental cash transfersRibas, Rafael Perez; Soares, Fábio Veras; Teixeira, Clarissa; Silva, Elydia; Hirata, Guilherme
2010 Conditional cash transfer programmes and gender vulnerabilities: Case studies of Brazil, Chile and ColombiaSoares, Fábio Veras; Silva, Elydia
2011 Assessment of the implications of the Bolsa Família Programme for the Decent Work AgendaMachado, Ana Flavia; Fontes, Gustavo Geaquinto; Antigo, Mariangela Furlan; Gonzalez, Roberto Henrique Sieczkowski; Soares, Fábio Veras
2011 Bolsa família and the citizen's basic income: A misstep?Britto, Tatiana; Soares, Fábio Veras
2013 Recent developments in the role and design of social protection programmes: A policy dialogue, expert workshop and south-south learning eventSoares, Fábio Veras; Lal, Radhika; Higgitt, Ryan
2015 Social protection, entrepreneurship and labour market activationMacLennan, Michael; Soares, Fábio Veras; Robino, Carolina
2015 Scale of institutional public procurement of food in BrazilSchwengber, Rovane Battaglin; Ribeiro, Eduardo Pontual; Soares, Fábio Veras; Orair, Rodrigo Octávio
2015 Do informal workers queue for formal jobs in Brazil?Soares, Fábio Veras
2016 The effects of conditionality monitoring on educational outcomes: Evidence from Brazil's Bolsa Família programmePaiva, Luis Henrique; Soares, Fábio Veras; Cireno, Flavio; Viana, Iara Azevedo Vitelli; Duran, Ana Clara
2016 Brazil-Africa knowledge-sharing on social protection and food and nutrition securityCirillo, Cristina; da Costa Nogueira, Lívia Maria; Soares, Fábio Veras
2017 Debating graduationMacLennan, Michael; Soares, Fábio Veras; Orton, Ian
2017 Social protection after the Arab SpringOsorio, Rafael Guerreiro; Soares, Fábio Veras
2019 Fiscal space for child-sensitive social protection in the MENA regionBloch, Carolina; Bilo, Charlotte; Helmy, Imane; Osorio, Rafael Guerreiro; Soares, Fábio Veras