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1989Internationale Migration und wirtschaftliche Entwicklung: Eine theoretische und empirische Analyse mit Hilfe eines MengenrationierungsmodellsFranz, Wolfgang; Smolny, Werner
1990Macroeconomic consequences of international labour migration: Simulation experience from an econometric disequilibrium modelSmolny, Werner
1992Dynamic factor demand in a rationing modelSmolny, Werner
1993Sectoral wage and price formation and working time in Germany: An econometric analysisFranz, Wolfgang; Smolny, Werner
1993The measurement and interpretation of vacancy data and the dynamics of the Beveridge-curve: The German caseFranz, Wolfgang; Smolny, Werner
1993Non-linear models of employment adjustmentSmolny, Werner
1993The impact of German unification on West Germany's goods and labor market: A macroeconometric disequilibrium model in actionFranz, Wolfgang; Heidbrink, Gustav W.; Smolny, Werner
1994Monopolistic price setting and supply rigidities in a disequilibrium frameworkSmolny, Werner
1995Employment and unemployment in Germany: Some results from a macroeconomic disequilibrium modelSmolny, Werner
1995Sources of productivity growth: An empirical analysis with German sectoral dataSmolny, Werner
1995International sectoral spillovers: An empircal analysis for German and US IndustriesSmolny, Werner
1996Innovation, Wachstum und Beschäftigung: Eine empirische Untersuchung auf der Basis des Ifo-UnternehmenspanelsSmolny, Werner; Schneeweis, Thomas
1996Das Ifo-Unternehmenspanel 1980 - 92: Einige Ergebnisse einer Verknüpfung der Umfragen des Ifo-InstitutsSmolny, Werner; Schneeweis, Thomas Robert
1997Sources of productivity growth at the firm level: A production function approachSmolny, Werner
1997Endogenous innovations in a model of the firm: Theory and empirical application for West-German manufacturing firmsSmolny, Werner
1999Modeling German unification in a disequilibrium frameworkWinker, Peter; Smolny, Werner; Radowski, Daniel
1999Investment and employment adjustment after unification : some results from a macroeconometric disequilibrium modelRadowski, Daniel; Smolny, Werner; Winker, Peter
2010Cyclical adjustment, capital-labor substitution and total factor productivity convergence - East Germany after unificationSmolny, Werner
2014Youth unemployment in the OECD: The role of institutionsSachs, Andreas; Smolny, Werner
2016Labour market integration of immigrants - Evidence for the German guest workersSmolny, Werner; Rieber, Alexander