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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 Prospects for pro-poor growth in AfricaBigsten, Arne; Shimeles, Abebe
2004 Dynamics of poverty in EthiopiaBigsten, Arne; Shimeles, Abebe
2005 Taxes and tax reform in Ethiopia, 1990 - 2003Geda, Alemayehu; Shimeles, Abebe
2006 Finance and poverty in Ethiopia: A household level analysisGeda, Alemayehu; Shimeles, Abebe; Zerfu, Daniel
2013 The Making of Middle Class in Africa: Evidence from DHS DataNcube, Mthuli; Shimeles, Abebe
2014 Aid, employment, and poverty reduction in AfricaPage, John; Shimeles, Abebe
2014 Growth and Poverty in Africa: Shifting Fortunes and New PerspectivesShimeles, Abebe
2015 Market Distortions and Political Rent: The Case of Fertilizer Price Divergence in AfricaShimeles, Abebe; Gurara, Daniel Zerfu; Birhanu Tessema, Dawit
2016 Community-Based Health Insurance and Out-of-Pocket Healthcare Spending in Africa: Evidence from RwandaWoldemichael, Andinet; Gurara, Daniel Zerfu; Shimeles, Abebe
2016 Can higher education reduce inequality in developing countries?Shimeles, Abebe
2016 Manufacturing Transformation: Comparative Studies of Industrial Development in Africa and Emerging AsiaNewman, Carol; Page, John; Rand, John; Shimeles, Abebe; Söderbom, Måns; Tarp, Finn
2018 Revisiting Cross-Country Poverty Convergence in the Developing World with a Special Focus on Sub-Saharan AfricaOuyang, Yusi; Shimeles, Abebe; Thorbecke, Erik
2018 Do Developing Countries Enjoy Faster Poverty Reduction as Their Initial Poverty Incidences Decline over Time? A Dynamic Panel AnalysisOuyang, Yusi; Shimeles, Abebe; Thorbecke, Erik
2018 Linked in by foreign direct investment: The role of firm-level relationships in knowledge transfers in Africa and AsiaNewman, Carol; Page, John M.; Rand, John; Shimeles, Abebe; Söderbom, Måns; Tarp, Finn
2018 Building a resilient and sustainable agriculture in Sub-Saharan AfricaShimeles, Abebe; Verdier-Chouchane, Audrey; Boly, Amadou
2019 Welfare Effect and Elite Capture in Agricultural Cooperatives Intervention: Evidence from Ethiopian VillagesGelo, Dambala; Muchapondwa, Edwin; Shimeles, Abebe; Dikgang, Johane