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1999Convertible Securities and Venture Capital FinanceSchmidt, Klaus
2000Theories of Fairness and Reciprocity - Evidence and Economic ApplicationsFehr, Ernst; Schmidt, Klaus
2001Fairness, Incentives and Contractual IncompletenessFehr, Ernst; Klein, Alexander; Schmidt, Klaus
2008Arbeitsmarktreform und Mindestlöhne: Ein Schritt vor, zwei Schritte zurückSchmidt, Klaus
2010Screening, Competition, and Job DesignBartling, Björn; Fehr, Ernst; Schmidt, Klaus
2013Reference Points, Social Norms, and Fairness in Contract RenegotiationsBartling, Björn; Schmidt, Klaus
2013Loss Aversion and Ex Post Inefficient RenegotiationHerweg, Fabian; Schmidt, Klaus
2014Loss Aversion and Inefficient RenegotiationSchmidt, Klaus; Herweg, Fabian
2014Pay What You Want as a Marketing Strategy in Monopolistic and Competitive MarketsSchmidt, Klaus; Spann, Martin; Zeithammer, Robert
2015Auctions vs. Negotiations: The Effects of Inefficient RenegotiationHerweg, Fabian; Schmidt, Klaus
2017Competition and IncentivesSchmidt, Klaus; Fey, Lisa; Thoma, Carmen
2017Procurement with Unforeseen ContingenciesHerweg, Fabian; Schmidt, Klaus
2017The 2016 Nobel Memorial Prize in contract theorySchmidt, Klaus
2017You Owe MeMalmendier, Ulrike; Schmidt, Klaus
2021Prices versus Quantities with Morally Concerned ConsumersSchmidt, Klaus; Herweg, Fabian
2023Loss AversionImai, Taisuke; Schmidt, Klaus
2023Organizational Change and Reference-Dependent PreferencesSchmidt, Klaus; von Wangenheim, Jonas
2023How to Increase Public Support for Carbon PricingWoerner, Andrej; Imai, Taisuke; Pace, Davide; Schmidt, Klaus