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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1993 Indirect taxation in an integrated Europe: Is there a way of avoiding tax distortions without sacrificing national tax autonomy?Genser, Bernd; Haufler, Andreas; Sørensen, Peter Birch
2001 International Tax Coordination: Regionalism Versus GlobalismSørensen, Peter Birch
2003 Company Tax Reform in the European UnionSørensen, Peter Birch
2003 Neutral Taxation of Shareholder Income: A Norwegian Tax Reform ProposalSørensen, Peter Birch
2003 Neutral Taxation of Shareholder Income: A Norwegian Tax Reform ProposalSørensen, Peter Birch
2003 Improving the Equity-Efficiency Trade-off: Mandatory Savings Accounts for Social InsuranceBovenberg, Lans; Sørensen, Peter Birch
2004 Outsourcing of Public Service Provision: When is it More Efficient?Sørensen, Peter Birch
2005 Dual Income Taxation: Why and How?Sørensen, Peter Birch
2005 Dual income taxation : why and how?Sørensen, Peter Birch
2006 Optimal taxation and social insurance in a lifetime perspectiveBovenberg, Ary Lans; Sørensen, Peter Birch
2006 Can capital income taxes survive?: And should they?Sørensen, Peter Birch
2006 The dilemmas of tax coordination in the enlarged European UnionBrøchner, Jens; Jensen, Jesper; Svensson, Patrik; Sørensen, Peter Birch
2011 Measuring the Deadweight Loss from Taxation in a Small Open Economy. A general method with an application to SwedenSørensen, Peter Birch
2011 Competing Social Models in the Global EconomySørensen, Peter Birch
2014 Taxation and the Optimal Constraint on Corporate Debt FinanceSørensen, Peter Birch
2014 Taxation of Shareholder Income and the Cost of Capital in a Small Open EconomySørensen, Peter Birch
2015 Reforming public service provision: What have we learned?Sørensen, Peter Birch
2015 Boligbeskatningens teorigrundlagSørensen, Peter Birch; Vastrup, Jacob
2017 The basic environmental economics of the circular economySørensen, Peter Birch
2019 Optimal Energy Taxes and Subsidies under a Cost-Effective Unilateral Climate Policy: Addressing Carbon LeakageKruse-Andersen, Peter Kjær; Sørensen, Peter Birch