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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 Alternative Allokationsmechanismen fuer ein Rundfunkprogramm bei endogener ProgrammqualitaetRunkel, Marco
1999 First-Best and Second-Best Regulation of Solid Waste under Imperfect Competition in a Durable Good IndustryRunkel, Marco
1999 A note on ┬┤Emissions taxation in Durable Goods Oligopoly┬┤Runkel, Marco
1999 Product Durability, Solid Waste Management and Market StructureRunkel, Marco
2000 Efficient and Sustainable Management of Product Durability and RecyclabilityEichner, Thomas; Runkel, Marco
2002 Die Finanzkrise Berlins: Eine Analyse der Nachhaltigkeit der Berliner FinanzpolitikHuber, Bernd; Milbrandt, Beate; Runkel, Marco
2003 Optimal Contest Design when the Designer's Payoff Depends on Competitive BalanceRunkel, Marco
2003 Optimal Design of Intergovernmental Grants under Asymmetric InformationHuber, Bernd; Runkel, Marco
2004 Rule Changes and Competitive Balance in Formula One Motor RacingMastromarco, Camilla; Runkel, Marco
2004 Tax Competition, Excludable Public Goods and User ChargesHuber, Bernd; Runkel, Marco
2005 Interregional redistribution and budget institutions under asymmetric informationHuber, Bernd; Runkel, Marco
2005 Sabotaging potential rivalsAmegashie, J. Atsu; Runkel, Marco
2006 Corporate income taxation of multinationals and unemploymentEichner, Thomas; Runkel, Marco
2007 The choice of apportionment factors under formula apportionmentRunkel, Marco; Schjelderup, Guttorm
2007 Tax evasion and competitionGoerke, Laszlo; Runkel, Marco
2008 The paradoxes of revenge in conflictsAmegashie, J. Atsu; Runkel, Marco
2008 Firms' financial choices and thin capitalization rules under corporate tax competitionHaufler, Andreas; Runkel, Marco
2008 Strategic consolidation under formula apportionmentBuettner, Thiess; Riedel, Nadine; Runkel, Marco
2008 Corporate income taxation of multinationals in a general equilibrium modelEichner, Thomas; Runkel, Marco
2009 Corporate income taxation of multinationals and fiscal equalizationLiesegang, Caterina; Runkel, Marco