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2001The Political Economy of Policy Centralization: Direct Versus Representative DemocracyRedoano, Michela; Scharf, Kimberley Ann
2007Does centralization affect the number and size of lobbies?Redoano, Michela
2007Fiscal interactions among European countries.: does the EU Matter?Redoano, Michela
2013Political Competition, Tax Salience and Accountability: Theory and Some Evidence from ItalyBracco, Emanuele; Porcelli, Francesco; Redoano, Michela
2013Incumbent effects and partisan alignment in local elections: A regression discontinuity analysis using Italian dataBracco, Emanuele; Porcelli, Francesco; Redoano, Michela
2014Happy VotersLiberini, Federica; Redoano, Michela; Proto, Eugenio
2014Happy VotersLiberini, Federica; Redoano, Michela; Proto, Eugenio
2015Intergovernmental Grants as Signals and the Alignment Effect: Theory and EvidenceBracco, Emanuele; Lockwood, Benjamin; Porcelli, Francesco; Redoano, Michela
2017Was Brexit Caused by the Unhappy and the Old?Liberini, Federica; Oswald, Andrew J.; Proto, Eugenio; Redoano, Michela
2020Cultural Identity and Social Capital in ItalySgroi, Daniel; Redoano, Michela; Liberini, Federica; Lockwood, Ben; Bracco, Emanuele; Porcelli, Francesco
2020Politics in the Facebook Era - Evidence from the 2016 US Presidential ElectionsLiberini, Federica; Redoano, Michela; Russo, Antonio; Cuevas, Ángel; Cuevas, Rubén
2022Does Data Disclosure Improve Local Government Performance? Evidence from Italian MunicipalitiesLockwood, Ben; Porcelli, Francesco; Redoano, Michela; Schiavone, Antonio