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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999The macroeconomics of happinessDiTella, Rafael; MacCulloch, Robert; Oswald, Andrew J.
2001Preferences over inflation and unemployment: Evidence from surveys of happinessDiTella, Rafael; MacCulloch, Robert; Oswald, Andrew J.
2005On the common claim that happiness equations demonstrate diminishing marginal utility of incomeOswald, Andrew J.
2005How does marriage affect physical and psychological health? A survey of the longitudinal evidenceWilson, Chris M.; Oswald, Andrew J.
2005The wage curve reloadedBlanchflower, David G.; Oswald, Andrew J.
2005Does Wage Rank Affect Employees? Wellbeing?Brown, Gordon D. A.; Gardner, Jonathan; Oswald, Andrew J.; Qian, Jing
2005Happiness and the human development index: the paradox of AustraliaBlanchflower, David G.; Oswald, Andrew J.
2005Do divorcing couples become happier by breaking up?Gardner, Jonathan; Oswald, Andrew J.
2006Daughters and left-wing votingOswald, Andrew J.; Powdthavee, Nattavudh
2006Money and mental wellbeing: a longitudinal study of medium-sized lottery winsGardner, Jonathan; Oswald, Andrew J.
2006The wage curve: an entry written for the new palgrave, 2nd editionBlanchflower, David G.; Oswald, Andrew J.
2006Does happiness adapt? A longitudinal study of disability with implications for economists and judgesOswald, Andrew J.; Powdthavee, Nattavudh
2006Hedonic capitalGraham, Liam; Oswald, Andrew J.
2006An examination of the reliability of prestigious scholarly journals: evidence and implications for decision-makersOswald, Andrew J.
2007What makes a young entrepreneur?Blanchflower, David G.; Oswald, Andrew J.
2007Mortality and immortalityRablen, Matthew D.; Oswald, Andrew J.
2007Obesity, unhappiness, and The challenge of affluence: theory and evidenceOswald, Andrew J.; Powdthavee, Nattavudh
2007Hypertension and happiness across nationsBlanchflower, David G.; Oswald, Andrew J.
2007Is well-being U-shaped over the life cycle?Blanchflower, David G.; Oswald, Andrew J.
2007Death, happiness, and the calculation of compensatory damagesOswald, Andrew J.; Powdthavee, Nattavudh