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2016 Effective tax levels using the Devereux/Griffith methodology. Project for the EU Commission TAXUD/2013/CC/120: Final reportSpengel, Christoph; Schmidt, Frank; Heckemeyer, Jost H.; Nicolay, Katharina; Bartholmeß, Alexandra; Bräutigam, Rainer; Braun, Julia; Dutt, Verena; Evers, Maria Theresia; Harendt, Christoph; Klar, Oliver; Nusser, Hannah; Olbert, Marcel; Pfeiffer, Olena; Steinbrenner, Daniela; Streif, Frank; Todtenhaupt, Maximilian
2017 Steuerliche FuE-Förderung: Studie im Auftrag der Expertenkommission Forschung und InnovationSpengel, Christoph; Rammer, Christian; Nicolay, Katharina; Pfeiffer, Olena; Werner, Ann-Catherin; Olbert, Marcel; Blandinières, Florence; Hud, Martin; Peters, Bettina
2018 Analysis of US corporate tax reform proposals and their effects for Europe and Germany. Final report: Update 2018Spengel, Christoph; Heinemann, Friedrich; Olbert, Marcel; Pfeiffer, Olena; Schwab, Thomas; Stutzenberger, Kathrin
2018 US-Steuerreform: Chancen und Risiken: Wer gewinnt - wer verliert?Spengel, Christoph; Olbert, Marcel; Stutzenberger, Kathrin; Straubhaar, Thomas; Becker, Johannes; Englisch, Joachim; Lang, Joachim; Kompolsek, Patrick; Riedle, Michael; Ruf, Martin
2018 Implications of the US Tax Reform for Transatlantic FDIHeinemann, Friedrich; Olbert, Marcel; Pfeiffer, Olena; Schwab, Thomas; Spengel, Christoph; Stutzenberger, Kathrin
2019 Is mandatory country-by-country reporting effective? Early evidence on the economic responses by multinational firmsDe Simone, Lisa; Olbert, Marcel; Spengel, Christoph
2019 Taxation in the digital economy: Recent policy developments and the question of value creationOlbert, Marcel; Spengel, Christoph