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2004Nascent Entrepreneurs in German Regions : Evidence from the Regional Entrepreneurship Monitor (REM)L├╝ckgen, Ingo; Oberschachtsiek, Dirk; Sternberg, Rolf; Wagner, Joachim
2008Founders' experience and self-employment duration: The importance of being a 'Jack-of-all-trades'. An analysis based on competing risksOberschachtsiek, Dirk
2009What makes a 'jack-of-all-trades'?Oberschachtsiek, Dirk
2010How do local labor market conditions and individual characteristics affect quitting selfemployment?Oberschachtsiek, Dirk
2010The link between career risk aversion and unemployment duration: Evidence of non-linear and time-depending patternOberschachtsiek, Dirk; Ullrich, Britta
2011The outcome of coaching and training for self-employment: A statistical evaluation of non-financial support schemes for unemployment business founders in GermanyOberschachtsiek, Dirk; Scioch, Patrycja
2013Human capital diversity and entrepreneurship: Results from the regional individual skill dispersion nexus on self-employment activityOberschachtsiek, Dirk
2013Cost containment and managed care: Evidence from German macro dataEhlert, Andree; Oberschachtsiek, Dirk; Prawda, Stefan
2014Waiting to start a business venture: Empirical evidence on the determinants and effects of wait timeOberschachtsiek, Dirk
2015The outcome of coaching and training for self-employment. A statistical evaluation of outside assistance support programs for unemployed business founders in GermanyOberschachtsiek, Dirk; Scioch, Patrycja