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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Transfers to Families with Children as a Principal-Agent ProblemCigno, Alessandro; Luporini, Annalisa; Pettini, Anna
2003 Scholarships or Student Loans? Subsidizing Higher Education in the Presence of Moral HazardCigno, Alessandro; Luporini, Annalisa
2003 Hidden Information Problems in the Design of Family AllowancesCigno, Alessandro; Luporini, Annalisa; Pettini, Anna
2005 Ownership concentration, monitoring and optimal board structureGraziano, Clara; Luporini, Annalisa
2005 Relative performance evaluation in a multi-plant firmLuporini, Annalisa
2005 Ownership Concentration, Monitoring and Optimal Board StructureGraziano, Clara; Luporini, Annalisa
2006 Optimal policy towards families with different amounts of social capital, in the presence of asymmetric information and stochastic fertilityCigno, Alessandro; Luporini, Annalisa
2009 Optimal family policy in the presence of moral hazard, when the quantity and quality of children are stochasticCigno, Alessandro; Luporini, Annalisa
2010 Optimal delegation when the large shareholder has multiple tasksGraziano, Clara; Luporini, Annalisa
2011 Voting in corporate boards with heterogeneous preferencesBalduzzi, Paolo; Graziano, Clara; Luporini, Annalisa
2012 Voting in small committeesBalduzzi, Paolo; Graziano, Clara; Luporini, Annalisa
2015 Student Loans and the Allocation of Graduate JobsCigno, Alessandro; Luporini, Annalisa
2015 A Normative Justification of Compulsory EducationBalestrino, Alessandro; Grazzini, Lisa; Luporini, Annalisa
2016 Self-Enforcing Family Rules, Marriage and the (Non)Neutrality of Public InterventionCigno, Alessandro; Komura, Mizuki; Luporini, Annalisa
2019 Evolution of Individual Preferences and Persistence of Family RulesCigno, Alessandro; Gioffré, Alessandro; Luporini, Annalisa