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2016Does Rosie Like Riveting? Male and Female Occupational ChoicesLordan, Grace; Pischke, Jörn-Steffen
2018People versus Machines: The Impact of Minimum Wages on Automatable JobsLordan, Grace; Neumark, David
2018Cross Cohort Evidence on Gendered Sorting Patterns in the UK: The Importance of Societal Movements versus Childhood VariablesLekfuangfu, Warn N.; Lordan, Grace
2019Robots at Work: Automatable and Non Automatable JobsJosten, Cecily; Lordan, Grace
2019People versus Machines in the UK: Minimum Wages, Labor Reallocation and Automatable JobsLordan, Grace
2019Climbing up Ladders and Sliding down Snakes: An Empirical Assessment of the Effect of Social Mobility on Subjective WellbeingDolan, Paul; Lordan, Grace
2019Widening the High School Curriculum to Include Soft Skill Training: Impacts on Health, Behaviour, Emotional Wellbeing and Occupational AspirationsLordan, Grace; McGuire, Alistair
2020The Interaction Between Personality and Health Policy: Empirical Evidence from the UK Smoking BansJosten, Cecily; Lordan, Grace
2022People versus Machines: The Impact of Being in an Automatable Job on Australian Worker's Mental Health and Life SatisfactionLordan, Grace; Stringer, Eliza-Jane
2022The Impact of Mental Health Support for the Chronically Ill on Hospital Utilisation: Evidence from the UKGruber, Jonathan; Lordan, Grace; Pilling, Stephen; Propper, Carol; Saunders, Rob
2022Automation and the Changing Nature of WorkJosten, Cecily; Lordan, Grace
2022Can Meaning Make Cents? Making the Meaning of Work Salient for US Manufacturing WorkersSalamone, Alberto; Lordan, Grace
2023Does the Tendency for 'Quiet Quitting' Differ across Generations? Evidence from the UKHamilton, Odessa S.; Jolles, Daniel; Lordan, Grace
2023Stephen versus Stephanie? Does Gender Matter for Peer-to-Peer Career AdviceLordan, Grace; Lekfuangfu, Warn N.
2024What Makes an Individual Inclusive of Others? Development and Validation of the Individual Inclusiveness InventoryJosten, Cecily; Lordan, Grace
2024Who Makes It to the Top? Differential Rewards to Personality across Gender and Occupation in the UKJosten, Cecily; Lordan, Grace
2024What Skills Pay More? The Changing Demand and Return to Skills for Professional WorkersJosten, Cecily; Krause, Helen; Lordan, Grace; Yeung, Brian