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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1984 Lay-off restraints, employment subsidies, and the demand for labourSiebert, Horst; Long, Ngo Van
1989 The political economy of the international debt crisisLong, Ngo Van
1989 Debt cycles with endogenous interest rateLong, Ngo Van; Siebert, Horst
1989 Optimal foreign borrowing: the impact of the planning horizon on the half and full debt cycleLong, Ngo Van; Siebert, Horst
1989 Institutional competition versus ex-ante harmonization: the case of environmental policyLong, Ngo Van; Siebert, Horst
1991 A model of the socialist firm in transition to a market economyLong, Ngo Van; Siebert, Horst
1997 Endogenous growth and international trade: A surveyLong, Ngo Van; Wong, Kar-Yiu
2003 Trade, Wage Gaps, and Specific Human Capital AccumulationLong, Ngo Van; Riezman, Raymond; Soubeyran, Antoine
2004 Corrupt local government as resource farmers : the helping hand and the grabbing handDalgic, Engin; Long, Ngo Van
2004 International trade and cultural diversity : a model of preference selectionBala, Vankatesh; Long, Ngo Van
2007 The Effects of Trade Liberalization on Productivity and Welfare: The Role of Firm Heterogeneity, R&D and Market StructureStähler, Frank; Raff, Horst; Long, Ngo Van
2008 Yardstick competition, corruption, and electoral incentivesLong, Ngo Van; Sengupta, Bodhisattva
2008 Innovation and Trade with Heterogeneous FirmsLong, Ngo Van; Raff, Horst; Stähler, Frank
2009 Optimal piecewise linear income taxationApps, Patricia; Long, Ngo Van; Rees, Ray
2009 Innovation and trade with heterogeneous firmsLong, Ngo Van; Raff, Horst; Stähler, Frank
2010 A simple model of service offshoring with time zone differencesKikuchi, Toru; Long, Ngo Van
2010 Endogenizing growth via a lag for apprenticingHartwick, John; Long, Ngo Van
2011 Optimal piecewise linear income taxationApps, Patricia; Long, Ngo Van; Rees, Ray
2012 Optimal tariffs on exhaustible resources: The case of a quantity setting cartelFujiwara, Kenji; Long, Ngo Van
2012 Combining rights and welfarism: A new approach to intertemporal evaluation of social alternativesLong, Ngo Van; Martinet, Vincent