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2012Trust Drives Internet UseLjunge, Martin
2012Trust Issues: Evidence from Second Generation ImmigrantsLjunge, Martin
2013Social capital and political institutions: Evidence that democracy fosters trustLjunge, Martin
2013Social Capital and the Family: Evidence that Strong Family Ties Cultivate Civic VirtuesLjunge, Martin
2014Social Capital and Health: Evidence That Ancestral Trust Promotes Health among Children of ImmigrantsLjunge, Martin
2016Migrants, health, and happiness: Evidence that health assessments travel with migrants and predict well-beingLjunge, Martin
2016Cultural determinants of gender roles: Pragmatism is an important factor behind gender equality attitudes among children of immigrantsLjunge, Martin
2017The "healthy worker effect": Do healthy people climb the occupational ladder?Font, Juan Costa; Ljunge, Martin
2017Does religion make you sick? Evidence of a negative relationship between religious background and healthBerggren, Niclas; Ljunge, Martin
2017The 'Healthy Worker Effect': Do Healthy People Climb the Occupational Ladder?Costa-i-Font, Joan; Ljunge, Martin
2019From Gutenberg to Google: The internet is adopted earlier if ancestors had advanced information technology in 1500 ADLjunge, Martin
2019Roots of tolerance among second-generation immigrantsBerggren, Niclas; Ljunge, Martin; Nilsson, Therese
2020Fertile Soil for Intrapreneurship: Impartial Institutions and Human CapitalLjunge, Martin; Stenkula, Mikael
2022Ideological spillovers across the Atlantic? Evidence from Trump's presidential electionCosta-Font, Joan; Ljunge, Martin
2022Ideological Spillovers across the Atlantic? Evidence from Trump's Presidential ElectionCosta-i-Font, Joan; Ljunge, Martin
2022Immigrants' tolerance and integration into societyBerggren, Niclas; Ljunge, Martin; Nilsson, Therese