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2004 Reduction in the Long-Term Unemployment of the Elderly: A Success Story from FinlandKyyrä, Tomi; Wilke, Ralf A.
2006 The micro-level dynamics of declining labour share: Lessons from the Finnish great leapKyyrä, Tomi; Maliranta, Mika
2009 The effect of receiving supplementary UI benefits on unemployment durationKyyrä, Tomi; Parrotta, Pierpaolo; Rosholm, Michael
2013 Does experience rating reduce disability inflow?Kyyrä, Tomi; Tuomala, Juha
2017 The Effects of UI Benefits on Unemployment and Subsequent Outcomes: Evidence from a Kinked Benefit RuleKyyrä, Tomi; Pesola, Hanna
2017 Does Part-Time Work Help Unemployed Workers to Find Full-Time Work? Evidence from SpainKyyrä, Tomi; Arranz, José María; García-Serrano, Carlos
2017 Long-Term Effects of Extended Unemployment Benefits for Older WorkersKyyrä, Tomi; Pesola, Hanna
2017 Estimating the Effects of Potential Benefit Duration without Variation in the Maximum Duration of Unemployment BenefitsKyyrä, Tomi; Pesola, Hanna
2017 The Spike at Benefit Exhaustion in the Finnish Labor MarketKyyrä, Tomi; Pesola, Hanna; Verho, Jouko Kullervo
2018 Using a Kinked Policy Rule to Estimate the Effect of Experience Rating on Disability InflowKyyrä, Tomi; Paukkeri, Tuuli
2018 The labor market in Finland, 2000-2016Kyyrä, Tomi; Pesola, Hanna
2020 Technology, Labour Market Institutions and Early Retirement: Evidence from FinlandYashiro, Naomitsu; Kyyrä, Tomi; Hwang, Hyunjeong; Tuomala, Juha
2020 The labor market in Finland, 2000-2018Kyyrä, Tomi; Pesola, Hanna
2021 The Effects of Unemployment Assistance on Unemployment ExitsKyyrä, Tomi