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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997 The generalized [beta]-method in Taguchi experimentsKunert, Joachim; Lehmkuhl, Frank
1998 A simple alternative to Generalized Procrustes Analysis: Application to sensory profiling dataKunert, Joachim; Qannari, El Mostafa
1998 Optimality of type I orthogonal arrays for cross-over models with correlated errorsKunert, Joachim; Martin, R. J.
1998 Comparing Generalized Procrustes Analysis and STATISMeyners, M.; Kunert, Joachim; Qannari, El Mostafa
1999 A multinomial model for the quality control of colony counting proceduresVoss, B.; Dahms, S.; Kunert, Joachim; Weiss, H.
1999 On the triangle test with replicationKunert, Joachim; Meyners, Michael
2000 A simulation study on the choice of transformations in Taguchi experimentsErdbrügge, Martina; Kunert, Joachim
2000 On the determination of optimal designs for an interference modelKunert, Joachim; Martin, R. J.
2000 On repeated difference testingKunert, Joachim
2000 Variables selection in observational and experimental studiesKunert, Joachim; Weihs, Claus
2001 Optimal crossover designs in a model with self and mixed carryover effectsKunert, Joachim; Stufken, J.
2003 An experiment to compare the combined array and the product array for robust parameter designKunert, Joachim; Auer, Corinna; Erdbrügge, Martina; Göbel, Roland
2004 On a Heuristic Analysis of Highly Fractionated 2n Factorial ExperimentsKunert, Joachim; Auer, Corinna
2004 On Nearly Balanced Designs for Sensory TrialsKunert, Joachim; Sailer, Oliver
2005 On the Comparison of Run Orders of Unreplicated 2k-p-designs in the presence of a time-trendKunert, Joachim; Adekeye, Kayode S.
2005 Optimisation of the shear forming process by means of multivariate statistical methodsKunert, Joachim; Ewers, Roland; Kleiner, Matthias; Henkenjohann, Nadine; Auer, Corinna
2006 Exact optimal designs for weighted least squares analysis with correlated errorsDette, Holger; Kunert, Joachim
2009 Optimal designs for an interference modelKunert, Joachim; Mersmann, Sabine