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Kunert, Joachim
Auer, Corinna
Erdbrügge, Martina
Göbel, Roland
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Technical Report 2003,13
The paper reports a robust parameter design experiment, where we have used Taguchi's product array and a combined array simultaneously. This was done as part of a research project dealing with experimental design to optimise the process of sheet metal spinning. We found that the classical analysis of the product array identified a control factor, which has an influence on the variance of the response. There were no indications of this effect in the combined array. A confirmation experiment supports the finding that this factor in fact is a control factor. It seems that its effect on the variance is due to several two- and three-factor interactions that were not large enough to be found in the combined array. In the authors' opinion this shows that the use of a product array and the classical analysis provides robustness against imprecise model assumptions.
Robust parameter design
noise factor
design factor
signal to noise ratio
product array
combined array
interaction plot
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Working Paper

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