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1997Möglichkeiten und Ansätze der Analyse dreimodaler Daten für die MarktforschungHildebrandt, Lutz; Klapper, Daniel
1998Forecasting performance of market share attraction models: A comparison of different models assuming that competitors' actions are forecastsKlapper, Daniel; Herwartz, Helmut
1999Einflußgrößen von regulären Preiselastizitäten, Preisaktionselastizitäten und KreuzpreiselastizitätenKlapper, Daniel
1999The congruence of theoretical and empirical patterns of inter-store price competitionKlapper, Daniel; Cooper, Lee G.; Hildebrandt, Lutz
2016Freemium pricing: Evidence from a large-scale field experimentRunge, Julian; Wagner, Stefan; Claussen, Jörg; Klapper, Daniel
2017Behavioral Biases in MarketingGuhl, Daniel; Klapper, Daniel; Massner, Katharina; Spann, Martin; Stich, Lucas; Yegoryan, Narine
2018Inferring Attribute Non-Attendance Using Eye Tracking in Choice-Based Conjoint AnalysisYegoryan, Narine; Guhl, Daniel; Klapper, Daniel
2019Intertemporal preferences and the adoption decision for bluetooth speakersGuhl, Daniel; Klapper, Daniel
2019The moderating effect of fuel prices on the market value of fuel efficiency, driving intensity, and CO2 emissionsKlapper, Daniel; Pleshcheva, Vlada
2019On factors of consumer heterogeneity in (mis)valuation of future energy costs: Evidence for the German automobile marketPleshcheva, Vlada; Klapper, Daniel; Dannewald, Till
2023I'll Try That, Too - A Field Experiment in Retailing on the Effect of Variety During Display PromotionsSachse, Mareike; Oetzel, Sebastian; Klapper, Daniel