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2003 Wage and Employment Rates in New Zealand from 1991 to 2001Kalb, Guyonne; Scutella, Rosanna
2003 Discrete Hours Labour Supply Modelling: Specification, Estimation and SimulationCreedy, John; Kalb, Guyonne
2003 New Zealand Labour Supply from 1991-2001: An Analysis Based on a Discrete Choice Structural Utility ModelKalb, Guyonne; Scutella, Rosanna
2004 Do You Need a Job to Find a Job?Cobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Frijters, Paul; Kalb, Guyonne
2012 Nurses' labour supply elasticities: The importance of accounting for extensive marginsHanel, Barbara; Kalb, Guyonne; Scott, Anthony
2012 Decomposing differences in labour force status between Indigenous and non-Indigenous AustraliansKalb, Guyonne; Le, Trinh; Hunter, Boyd H.; Leung, Felix
2013 Reading to Young Children: A Head-Start in Life?Kalb, Guyonne; van Ours, Jan C.
2013 Public, Private or Both? Analysing Factors Influencing the Labour Supply of Medical SpecialistsCheng, Terence Chai; Kalb, Guyonne; Scott, Anthony
2015 What Factors Affect Doctors' Hours Decisions: Comparing Structural Discrete Choice and Reduced-Form ApproachesKalb, Guyonne; Kuehnle, Daniel; Scott, Anthony; Cheng, Terence Chai; Jeon, Sung-Hee
2015 The Effect of Paid Parental Leave on Child Health in AustraliaBroadway, Barbara; Kalb, Guyonne; Kuehnle, Daniel; Maeder, Miriam
2016 The Impact of Paid Parental Leave on Labour Supply and Employment OutcomesBroadway, Barbara; Kalb, Guyonne; McVicar, Duncan; Martin, Bill
2016 Do Financial Incentives Influence GPs' Decisions to Do After-Hours Work? A Discrete Choice Labour Supply ModelBroadway, Barbara; Kalb, Guyonne; Li, Jinhu; Scott, Anthony
2020 Wage Growth Distribution and Changes over Time: 2001-2018Kalb, Guyonne; Meekes, Jordy
2020 From Parent to Child? The Long-Lasting Effects of Social SupportPoggi, Ambra; Kalb, Guyonne
2020 Understanding the Rising Trend in Female Labour Force ParticipationHerault, Nicolas; Kalb, Guyonne
2020 The Dutch Labour Market Early on in the COVID-19 Outbreak: Regional Coronavirus Hotspots and the National LockdownHassink, Wolter; Kalb, Guyonne; Meekes, Jordy
2020 Understanding the rising trend in female labour force participationHérault, Nicolas; Kalb, Guyonne
2020 Essential Work and Emergency Childcare: Identifying Gender Differences in COVID-19 Effects on Labour Demand and SupplyMeekes, Jordy; Hassink, Wolter; Kalb, Guyonne
2021 Teenage Mother's Health across Different Life StagesKalb, Guyonne; Vu, Ha