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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 Decision rules for selecting between exponential and logistic STAREscribano, Alvaro; Jordà, Òscar
2001 Measuring systematic monetary policyHoover, Kevin D.; Jordà, Òscar
2001 The announcement effect: Evidence from open market desk dataJordà, Òscar; Demiralp, Selva; Liu, Holly; Williams, Jeffrey
2002 Measuring monetary policy interdependenceJordà, Òscar; Bergin, Paul
2003 Time-scale transformations of discrete time processesJordà, Òscar; Marcellino, Massimiliano
2003 Model-Free Impulse ResponsesJordà, Òscar
2004 Model-free impulse responsesJordà, Òscar
2006 Projection minimum distance: an estimator for dynamic macroeconomic modelsJordà, Òscar; Kozicki, Sharon
2007 Inference for impulse responsesJordà, Òscar
2007 Estimation and inference by the method of projection minimum distanceJordà, Òscar
2007 Estimation and inference by the method of projection minimum distanceJordà, Òscar; Kozicki, Sharon
2007 Joint inference and counterfactual experimentation for impulse response functions by local projectionsJordà, Òscar
2008 Path forecast evaluationJordà, Òscar; Marcellino, Massimiliano
2010 Empirical simultaneous confidence regions for path-forecastsJordà, Òscar; Knüppel, Malte; Marcellino, Massimiliano
2010 Carry tradeJordà, Òscar
2010 A chronology of international business cycles through non-parametric decodingFushing, Hsieh; Chen, Shu-Chun; Berge, Travis J.; Jordà, Òscar
2010 Empirical Simultaneous Confidence Regions for Path-ForecastsKnüppel, Malte; Jordà, Òscar; Marcellino, Massimiliano
2012 When credit bites back: Leverage, business cycles and crisesJordà, Òscar; Schularick, Moritz; Taylor, Alan
2013 Sovereigns versus Banks: Credit, Crises, and ConsequencesJordà, Òscar; Schularick, Moritz; Taylor, Alan M.
2013 A chronology of turning points in economic activity: Spain, 1850 - 2011Berge, Travis J.; Jordà, Òscar