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2006 Selling favors in the lab: experiments on campaign finance reformHouser, Daniel; Stratmann, Thomas
2006 Trust Games Measure TrustHouser, Daniel; Schunk, Daniel; Winter, Joachim
2006 Public implementation eliminates detrimental effects of punishment on human cooperationXiao, Erte; Houser, Daniel
2010 Fairness and CheatingVetter, Stefan; Houser, Daniel; Winter, Joachim
2010 Temptation and Commitment in the LaboratoryWinter, Joachim; Houser, Daniel; Schunk, Daniel; Xiao, Erte
2010 Fairness and CheatingHouser, Daniel; Vetter, Stefan; Winter, Joachim
2012 Leverage and asset prices: An experimentCipriani, Marco; Fostel, Ana; Houser, Daniel
2014 Beware of Popular Kids Bearing Gifts: A Framed Field ExperimentChen, Jingnan; Houser, Daniel; Montinari, Natalia; Piovesan, Marco
2014 A Field Study of Chinese Migrant Workers' Attitudes toward Risks, Strategic Uncertainty, and CompetitivenessHao, Li; Houser, Daniel; Mao, Lei; Villeval, Marie Claire
2015 On the Origins of Dishonesty: From Parents to ChildrenHouser, Daniel; List, John A.; Piovesan, Marco; Samek, Anya; Winter, Joachim K.
2018 Social Preferences and Social CuriosityTasch, Weiwei; Houser, Daniel
2018 Relative Income and Happiness: An ExperimentIfcher, John; Zarghamee, Homa; Houser, Daniel; Diaz, Lina
2019 Endogenous leverage and default in the laboratoryCipriani, Marco; Fostel, Ana; Houser, Daniel
2021 Estimating Social Preferences Using Stated Satisfaction: Novel Support for Inequity AversionDiaz, Lina; Houser, Daniel; Ifcher, John; Zarghamee, Homa