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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Under-connected and over-connected networksBuechel, Berno; Hellmann, Tim
2009 Convexity and complementarity in network formation: Implications for the structure of pairwise stable networksHellmann, Tim
2009 Under-connected and over-connected networksHellmann, Tim; Buechel, Berno
2010 Convexity and Complementarity in Network Formation: Implications for the Structure of Pairwise Stable NetworksHellmann, Tim
2011 The dynamics of continuous cultural traits in social networksBuechel, Berno; Hellmann, Tim; Pichler, Michael M.
2012 Opinion dynamics under conformityBuechel, Berno; Hellmann, Tim; Klößner, Stefan
2012 The evolution of R&D networksDawid, Herbert; Hellmann, Tim
2012 Evolution of social networksHellmann, Tim; Staudigl, Mathias
2013 Opinion Dynamics and Wisdom under ConformityBüchel, Berno; Hellmann, Tim; Klößner, Stefan
2014 Stable Networks in Homogeneous SocietiesHellmann, Tim; Landwehr, Jakob
2014 Opinion Dynamics and Wisdom under ConformityBuechel, Berno; Hellmann, Tim; Kölßner, Stefan
2015 Local and Global Pollution and International Environmental Agreements in a Network ApproachGünther, Michael; Hellmann, Tim
2015 Local and global pollution and international environmental agreements in a network approachGünther, Michael; Hellmann, Tim
2016 R&D investments under endogenous cluster formationDawid, Herbert; Hellmann, Tim
2017 R&D Investments under Endogenous Cluster FormationDawid, Herbert; Hellmann, Tim
2018 The transmission of continuous cultural traits in endogenous social networksHellmann, Tim; Panebianco, F.