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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997 Modellierung von Preiserwartungen durch neuronale NetzeHeinemann, Maik; Lange, Carsten
1997 Convergence of Adaptive Learning and the Concept of Expectational Stability in Linear Rational Expectations Models with Multiple EquilibriaHeinemann, Maik
2005 Endogenous redistributive cycles: an overlapping generations approach to social conflict and cyclical growthClemens, Christiane; Heinemann, Maik
2005 On the effects of redistribution on growth and entrepreneurial risk takingClemens, Christiane; Heinemann, Maik
2005 Strongly rational expectations equilibria with endogenous acquisition of informationDesgranges, Gabriel; Heinemann, Maik
2007 Credit constraints, idiosyncratic risks, and wealth distribution in a heterogeneous agent modelClemens, Christiane; Heinemann, Maik
2007 E-stability and stability of adaptive learning in models of asymetric informationHeinemann, Maik
2008 On entrepreneurial risktaking and the macroeconomic effects of financial constraintsClemens, Christiane; Heinemann, Maik
2008 Messung und Darstellung von UngleichheitHeinemann, Maik
2009 Stability under learning of equilibria in financial markets with supply informationHeinemann, Maik
2010 The Effects of International Financial Integration in a Model with Heterogeneous Firms and Credit FrictionsHeinemann, Maik; Clemens, Christiane
2012 Endogenous growth, the distribution of wealth, and optimal policy under incomplete markets and idiosyncratic riskClemens, Christiane; Heinemann, Maik
2013 The Effects of International Financial Integration in a Model with Heterogeneous Firms and Credit FrictionsClemens, Christiane; Heinemann, Maik
2015 Idiosyncratic Risk, Borrowing Constraints and Financial Integration - A Discussion of Ambiguous ResultsWulff, Alexander; Heinemann, Maik
2015 Angus Deaton - Ökonomie-Nobelpreisträger 2015Heinemann, Maik
2020 Distributional effects of the COVID-19 lockdownClemens, Marius; Heinemann, Maik
2020 Inequality over the business cycle: The role of distributive shocksClemens, Marius; Eydam, Ulrich; Heinemann, Maik