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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1969An Interregional Input-Output Analysis of the Eastern Canadian EconomiesHartwick, John M.
1970The Location of Firms and General Spatial Price EquilibriumHartwick, John M.
1970Losch's Theorem on Hexagonal Market AreasHartwick, John M.
1970A Generalization of the Transportation Problem in Linear Programming and Spatial Price EquilibriumHartwick, John M.
1970Duopoly in SpaceHartwick, John M.; Hartwick, Philip G.
1970Notes on the Isard and Chenery-Moses Interregional Input-Output ModelsHartwick, John M.
1970The Pricing of Goods and Agricultural Land in Multiregional General EquilibruimHartwick, John M.
1970Effective Protection, Transportation Costs, and the Location of FirmsHartwick, John M.
1971Consumer Choice when the Environment is a Variable: The Case of Residential Site SelectionHartwick, John M.
1971Trade with a Produced Transportation GoodHartwick, John M.
1971General Spatial Price EquilibriumHartwick, John M.
1971Efficient Location of Production in a Simple Neo-Classical Model of General EquilibriumHartwick, John M.
1971The Generalized Transportation Problem as a Quadratic ProgramHartwick, John M.
1972The Gravity Hypothesis and Transportation Cost MinimizationHartwick, John M.
1972Comparative Static Propositions in Consumer LocationHartwick, John M.
1972Efficient Resource Allocation in a Multinucleated CityHartwick, John M.; Hartwick, Philip G.
1990Pollution and National AccountingHartwick, John M.
1990Natural Resources, National Accounting and Economic DepreciationHartwick, John M.
1990Increasing Pollution with Optimal Corrective TaxesHartwick, John M.
1992a Differential R & D Duopoly GameHartwick, John M.