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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 Loan-Monitoring and Deposit-Servincing by Commercial Banks in a Stationary EnvironmentHartwick, John
2004 Binomial R&D Races and GrowthHartwick, John
2006 The Control of Land Rent in the Fortified Farming TownHartwick, John
2006 The Quadratic Oil Extraction OligopolyHartwick, John
2007 The extractive firm's cost spillover tax for the extended hotelling modelHartwick, John; Bazhanov, Andrei; Song, Zhen
2007 Are sunnier cities denser?Hartwick, John
2007 Declining Exhaustible Resource Rent with Small, Distinct Extractive FirmsHartwick, John; Bazhanov, Andrei; Song, Zhen
2007 Encephalization and Division of Labor by early humansHartwick, John
2007 On Beckmann's sispersed "interaction city"Hartwick, John; Bazhanov, Andrei
2008 Sunnier, denser and more productive citiesBrolley, Michael; Hartwick, John
2008 The discount rate and the value of remaining years of lifeHartwick, John
2008 Oil stock discovery and Dutch diseaseHamilton, Kirk; Hartwick, John
2009 Oil stock discovery and Dutch DiseaseHartwick, John; Hamilton, Kirk
2009 A 3.8% discount rate?Hartwick, John
2010 Endogenizing growth via a lag for apprenticingHartwick, John; Long, Ngo Van
2011 New product introduction and market evolutionHartwick, John
2011 Higher quality exhaustible resource deposits receiving higher or lower resource rents in a simple spatial frameworkHartwick, John
2013 Higher Quality Exhaustible Resource Deposits Receiving Higher or Lower Resource Rents in a Simple Spatial FrameworkHartwick, John
2013 The Law of Urban Growth and the Local Public SectorHartwick, John
2013 Mining Gold for the Currency during the Pax RomanaHartwick, John