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2010Racial discrimination and household choresGrossbard, Shoshana; Giménez, José Ignacio; Molina, José Alberto
2010Income pooling and household division of labor: Evidence from Danish couplesAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Bonke, Jens; Grossbard, Shoshana
2011Time costs of children as parents' foregone leisureEkert-Jaffe, Olivia; Grossbard, Shoshana
2014Common law marriage and couple formationGrossbard, Shoshana; Vernon, Victoria
2014Common Law Marriage and Male/Female Convergence in Labor Supply and Time UseGrossbard, Shoshana; Vernon, Victoria
2014Common Law Marriage and Couple FormationGrossbard, Shoshana; Vernon, Victoria
2015Common Law Marriage and Teen BirthsGrossbard, Shoshana; Vernon, Victoria
2016Should common law marriage be abolished?Grossbard, Shoshana
2016Marriage and Marriage MarketsGrossbard, Shoshana
2017Body-Weight and Women's Hours of Work: More Evidence That Marriage Markets MatterGrossbard, Shoshana; Mukhopadhyay, Sankar
2017Marriage markets as explanation for why heavier people work more hoursGrossbard, Shoshana; Mukhopadhyay, Sankar
2020Do Immigrants Pay a Price When Marrying Natives? Lessons from the US Time Use SurveyGrossbard, Shoshana; Vernon, Victoria
2020Intergenerational Residence Patterns and COVID-19 Fatalities in the EU and the USAparicio Fenoll, Ainoa; Grossbard, Shoshana
2020Are COVID Fatalities in the US Higher Than in the EU, and If So, Why?Aparicio Fenoll, Ainoa; Grossbard, Shoshana
2021Mothers' Caregiving during COVID: The Impact of Divorce Laws and Homeownership on Women's Labor Force StatusBansak, Cynthia; Grossbard, Shoshana; Wong, Crystal (Ho Po)
2023Spouses as Home Health Workers and Cooks: Insights for Applied ResearchGrossbard, Shoshana