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1991 Changes in Earnings Inequality - an International PerspectiveGottschalk, Peter; Joyce, Mary
1991 The changing contributions of men and women to the level and distribution of family income: 1968 - 1988Cancian, Maria; Danziger, Sheldon; Gottschalk, Peter
1992 The Impact of Technology Change, Deindustrialization, and Internationalization of Trade on Earnings Inequality An International PerspectiveJoyce, Mary; Gottschalk, Peter
1992 Changes in Inequality of Family Income in Seven Industrialized Countries Responses to Growing Earnings InequalityGottschalk, Peter
2001 On the evaluation of economic mobilityGottschalk, Peter; Spolaore, Enrico
2004 Do Earnings Subsidies Affect Job Choice?Connolly, Helen; Gottschalk, Peter
2004 Downward Nominal Wage Flexibility : Real or Measurement Error?Gottschalk, Peter
2006 Are earnings inequality and mobility overstated? The impact of non-classical measurement errorGottschalk, Peter; Huynh, Minh
2006 Differences in wage growth by education level: do less-educated workers gain less from work experience?Connolly, Helen; Gottschalk, Peter
2010 Some evidence on the importance of sticky wagesBarattieri, Alessandro; Basu, Susanto; Gottschalk, Peter
2010 Some Evidence on the Importance of Sticky WagesBarattieri, Alessandro; Basu, Susanto; Gottschalk, Peter
2011 Trends in the transitory variance of male earnings in the US, 1970 - 2004Moffitt, Robert; Gottschalk, Peter