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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1989Medium Term Prospects for the European EconomiesBacchilega, Guja; Golinelli, Roberto
1994Price-Wage Dynamics is A Transition Economy: The Case of PolandGolinelli, Roberto; Orsi, Renzo
1996Exchange rate Inflation and Unemployment in East European Economies: the Case of Poland and HungaryGolinelli, Roberto; Orsi, Renzo
1996Modellazione Econometrica per la previsione congiunturale: un esercizio su produzione, prezzi e monetaGolinelli, Roberto
1998Fatti stilizzati e metodi econometrici "Moderni": una rivalutazione della Curva di Phillips per l'Italia (1951-1996)Golinelli, Roberto
1998Testing for Structural Change in Cointegrated Relationships. Analysis of price-wages models for Poland and HungaryGolinelli, Roberto; Orsi, Renzo
2001Is financial leverage mean-reverting? Unit root tests and corporate financing modelsGolinelli, Roberto; Bontempi, Maria Elena
2001Monetary Policy transmission, interest rate rules and inflation targeting in three transition countriesRovelli, Riccardo; Golinelli, Roberto
2001Modelling inflation in EU accession countries: the case of the Czech Republic, Hungary and PolandGolinelli, Roberto; Orsi, Renzo
2002Monetary Policy Transmission, Interest Rate Rules and Inflation Targeting in Three Transition CountriesGolinelli, Roberto; Rovelli, Riccardo
2002Modelling Inflation in EU Accession Countries : The Case of the Czech Republic, Hungary and PolandGolinelli, Roberto; Orsi, Renzo
2004Corporate taxation and its reform:the effects on corporate financing decisions in ItalyBontempi, Maria Elena; Giannini, Silvia; Golinelli, Roberto
2009Households Forming Inflation Expectations: Who Are the 'Active' and 'Passive' Learners?Easaw, Joshy; Golinelli, Roberto
2011Did growth and reforms increase citizens' support for the transition?Golinelli, Roberto; Rovelli, Riccardo
2011Did Growth and Reforms Increase Citizens' Support for the Transition?Golinelli, Roberto; Rovelli, Riccardo
2012Do Households Anchor their Inflation Expectations? Theory and Evidence from a Household SurveyEasaw, Joshy; Golinelli, Roberto; Malgarini, Marco
2012Household Inflation Expectations: Information Gathering, Inattentive or 'Stubborn'?Easaw, Joshy; Golinelli, Roberto
2014ICT and Non-ICT investments: short and long run macro dynamicsBacchini, Fabio; Bontempi, Maria Elena; Golinelli, Roberto; Jona Lasinio, Cecilia
2014Inflation Expectations and the Two Forms of InattentivenessEasaw, Joshy; Golinelli, Roberto
2014The Role of Indicator Selection in Nowcasting Euro Area GDP in Pseudo Real TimeGirardi, Alessandro; Golinelli, Roberto; Pappalardo, Carmine