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2008 Mission impossible: Vertical collaboration in UkraineGagalyuk, Taras; Hanf, Jon
2009 Supply chain quality and its managerial challenges: Insights from Ukrainian agri-food businessHanf, Jon; Gagalyuk, Taras
2010 Network governance at the firm and network level: Goals, routines, and social mechanismsZiggers, Gerrit W.; Gagalyuk, Taras; Hanf, Jon
2010 Managing network goals: The interplay of network and firm levelsZiggers, Gerrit W.; Gagalyuk, Taras; Hanf, Jon
2012 Goal achievement in supply chain networks: A study of the Ukrainian agri-food businessGagalyuk, Taras
2017 Strategic role of corporate transparency: the case of Ukrainian agroholdingsGagalyuk, Taras
2017 The emergence and proliferation of agroholdings and mega farms in a global contextHermans, Frans; Chaddad, Fabio; Gagalyuk, Taras; Senesi, Sebastián; Balmann, Alfons
2017 The paradox of water management projects in Central Asia: An institutionalist perspectiveChatalova, Lioudmila; Djanibekov, Nodir; Gagalyuk, Taras; Valentinov, Vladislav
2018 Integration of Small Farmers into Value Chains: Evidence from Eastern Europe and Central AsiaHanf, Jon H.; Gagalyuk, Taras
2021 Machine learning reveals complex effects of climatic means and weather extremes on wheat yields during different plant developmental stagesSchierhorn, Florian; Hofmann, Max; Gagalyuk, Taras; Ostapchuk, Igor; Müller, Daniel
2021 Including smallholders with vertical coordinationBitsch, Linda; Atoyan, Silva; Richter, Barbara; Hanf, Jon; Gagalyuk, Taras